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Advertise with Police Chief – Print, Digital, and Custom Content Options

The Police Chief is the premier business advertising medium in professional law enforcement. If you want police administrators and decision-makers to know and respect your company and products, you should get to know us better.

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The Townsend Group, Inc.
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Washington, DC 20036

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Liz Barrett
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Kevin McDonnell
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Advertisers in the Police Chief, IACP’s official publication since 1933, can take advantage of the tremendous stature and credibility enjoyed by the association in the field of law enforcement. A not-for-profit organization established in 1893 to undertake programs leading to more effective, professional policing, the IACP is the world’s leading association of police executives, regularly representing the law enforcement community.


Advertising in the Police Chief will open doors for you in the law enforcement market by making your company and products known to the decision-makers in this field. A recent independent survey showed that:

  • 97 percent of our readers exercise some degree of purchasing authority: initiating consideration, investigating available products or services and making recommendations, deciding what make and type to buy and/or approving the final purchase.
  • 87 percent are personally involved in their departments’ purchases of equipment and supplies.
  • 68 percent authorize or approve purchases for their department.

Advertising in the Police Chief makes it easier for your sales representatives to meet the men and women at the top, discuss specifications, and finalize orders.

Wide Exposure

Advertising copy in the Police Chief has a long life, with nearly three-quarters of our readership saving each issue for future reference. Police administrators and executives frequently use the advertising copy to gather a consensus within their agency before asking for a demonstration, more information or formal bids. The advertisements are frequently made a part of the budget request for specific equipment. Regularly scheduled ads keep the name of the product and manufacturer / distributor before the officials involved in planning, budgeting, requisitioning and purchasing.

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