Building a Better Workforce Through the Use of Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluations

Recruitment of a quality workforce takes an enormous amount of time, effort, and expense. A smart approach to this process in law enforcement includes multiple information sources that ultimately coalesce, providing the hiring authority with the best candidates for final appointment. While this occurs at the tail end of the process due to legal requirements, pre-employment psychological evaluation (PEPE) is one of the myriad tools an agency can, and in many states must, use as part of the hiring process. PEPEs can reduce the risk of negligent hiring, help screen out applicants with undesirable psychological traits, assist chiefs in identifying applicants who meet the unique needs of their agency and community, and facilitate the development of a relationship with a qualified mental health provider (QMHP) who may ultimately provide other important psychological services (e.g., crisis intervention and debriefing, fitness-for-duty evaluations, confidential counseling, training, and consultation).