Candidate for 2017 IACP Office: Chief Christopher Wagner

I am Christopher Wagner, and I am asking for your support as a candidate for Fourth Vice President because I want to work for you! I will listen, I will be your voice, and I am committed to the notion that the president of IACP should unapologetically represent every member of the association on the policing issues that are important to you! I pledge to be your representative and champion your concerns, and I intend to seek the input and feedback of our membership of professionals who possess vast institutional knowledge; together, we can solve the problems of our era. I promise to listen, to represent your interests, and to not censure your thoughts and views. The IACP must take its direction from the collective. I intend to seek guidance from a greater communal knowledge and experience base. The candidate you choose should have the ability to react to any emerging law enforcement issue, and I can do that!