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Editorial Calendar

2019 Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar 2019

Month   Topic Article Deadline
January Leadership September 15, 2018
February Violence Against Police October 15, 2018
March Hate Crime November 15, 2018
April Cutting-Edge Technology December 15, 2018
May Officer Safety & Wellness January 15, 2019
June Use of Force Reporting February 15, 2019
July Vulnerable Populations March 15, 2019
August Media Relations April 15, 2019
September Non-traditional Terror Attacks May 15, 2019
October Communities & Crime Prevention June 15, 2019
November Education & Training July 15, 2019
December Responding to Firearms Violence August 15, 2019

Prospective Authors: If you wish to propose an article for a specific issue, please contact the managing editor before the manuscript deadline (as early as possible), so that you can be connected with the guest editor responsible for developing content for the issue of interest. The guest editors may set earlier deadlines for the authors selected. Articles for general consideration can be submitted to the managing editor at any time. Please note that we do publish “general interest” articles (on any topic) year-round as space and scheduling permits, both in print and online.

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Managing Editor:
Danielle Gudakunst

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Liz Barrett

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Kevin McDonnell