FBI Investigative Technology Training: Preparing Officers for Investigating Cybercrimes

State and local law enforcement agencies are increasingly responsible for addressing cybercrime. All departments, even small departments in remote areas, need (or will need) investigators equipped with computer forensic resources who are capable of investigating a wide range of cybercrimes. When the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) created its own Cyber Division in 2002, many state and local departments relied on federal law enforcement to handle cybercrime. Today, however, many communities expect their local law enforcement to conduct cyber investigations, and newer, advanced, cybercrimes require a collaborative law enforcement approach.

One of the biggest concerns of state and local law enforcement stems from the lack of in-house cyber expertise.1 The task of establishing, equipping, and managing a successful cyber program can be a challenge. To assist with this issue, the FBI has developed training, tools, and executive-level courses to better prepare state and local investigators for the cyberthreats in their communities.