IACP Through the Years: Guam, USA: The New Drug Mecca

Located some 6,000 miles west of Los Angeles is a 210-square-mile island—Guam. It is an unincorporated United States Territory whose residents are U.S. citizens. Guam is best remembered as one of the Pacific islands recaptured from the Japanese during World War II. In more recent times, Guam was the base for the B-52’s used to bomb Viet Nam. It was where our freed Viet Nam POWs first touched U.S. soil. Guam was devastated by super typhoon Pamela in 1976. Yet recently, Guam is becoming famous for a less venerable reason. Those who labor in the trenches of narcotics enforcement are hearing Guam mentioned more often as a transshipment point for Southeast Asian heroin on its way to the continental United States.