How Multidisciplinary Teams Achieve Success in Indian Country

In Indian Country, there is a significant problem with child abuse. In response to this, multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) are put in place to effectively combat child abuse crimes. Law enforcement leaders can benefit from MDTs by fostering and strengthening cooperation in the fight against child abuse. This fight can prove even more difficult in an investigation and prosecution of a child sexual abuse case in Indian Country, making this team of highly trained and compassionate individuals more vital. Indian Country can also be a complex jurisdictional maze with federal, state, local, and tribal participants. Jurisdictional complications can result in difficulty in determining the provisions for concurrent jurisdiction for certain cases. Due to the complex nature that is inherent in overlapping jurisdictional areas, law enforcement agencies and other professional service providers need to work together to avoid inefficient investigations and prosecutions. Ultimately, the key to any good investigation is commitment, communication, and effective cooperation between all law enforcement professionals involved. MDTs are the way to make this work.