IACP Working for You: Burnout, Stress, and Fatigue: How the Vicarious Trauma Toolkit Provides Public Safety Agencies National Resources and Promising Practices

After twenty years in law enforcement, I have seen the personal effects of the transition from well-meaning rookie to cynical cop to a fully jaded human being. And I see the same thing in many others around me. Far too many public safety professionals are losing themselves to the profession they love. Any training and awareness tools and resources that can be added to their careers will keep our people happy and productive longer. Thanks for doing this research and thanks for trying to make a difference.

—Anonymous law enforcement survey respondent

One of the most significant challenges law enforcement leaders face is the need to develop and implement effective policies and practices to support agency members. Police work is often stressful; proactive inclusion of policies and practices that recognize the impact of acute and long-term stress and trauma on agency members goes a long way in reducing negative consequences and increasing overall resilience of individual officers; the agency; and, ultimately, the community served.