IACP Working for You: IACP Provides Engagement Opportunities for Members

Over the past few years, IACP membership has grown significantly, from 24,000 members in 2014, to just over 30,000 members as of June 2017—the highest number of IACP members to date. While membership alone contains many benefits, some members may be wondering how to become more involved with the IACP or how IACP determines its legislative and topical priorities. The answer to both lies with the IACP sections, committees, and policy councils, and, although not the only avenues, our sections, committees, and policy councils are some of the best and most direct ways to become involved with IACP and to have a voice in determining the association’s priorities.

The strength of any membership organization comes from its members. The IACP draws upon the breadth, depth, and diversity of our members’ experiences to address the challenges and priorities of the profession in a timely manner. Both committees and sections play an integral role in the work of this association. The IACP relies on its committee and section members to provide subject matter expertise to address the most crucial issues currently facing law enforcement. These member groups develop best practices, resolutions, reports, white papers, guidelines, fact sheets, critical issue messaging briefs, and brochures. They also support the development of programs and model policies.