Innovations in Policing: Proactively Addressing Gangs Effectively

Danville is a city facing many challenges. The economy is primarily based on tobacco and textile manufacturing, both of which are declining and seriously affecting the city and region. Data from the 2000 U.S. Census placed the number of persons in Danville living below the poverty level at 22.4 percent of the population. This is nearly double the average for other similarly populated cities in Virginia. The number of children living below the poverty level is 31 percent. The 2000 Census also showed that 19.2 percent of the city’s population is under the age of 14. The latest employment studies show that the unemployment rate has fluctuated between 8 percent and 13 percent, further exacerbating the financial difficulties of the city. During this declining economy, the need for law enforcement services in Danville increased.