Law Enforcement Partnerships: Now the Norm, Not the Exception

Historically, law enforcement agencies have been segregated by jurisdiction and in many cases, attitudes. The unfortunate reality that existed in the police culture was a mind-set of city limits versus county or parish limits versus state lines versus the role of federal law enforcement. Additionally in many cases, internal compartmentalization occurred in agencies with a patrol versus investigations versus support mentality. Today the culture is evolving, and operations are now less defined by boundaries. Law enforcement agencies across the United States have begun to ignore the limitations of jurisdictions and have begun to adopt a philosophy of partnerships—not just partnerships based on promises but partnerships based on action.

Partnerships begin with establishing relationships with public safety peers not only in our communities but also beyond. Solidification of those relationships through communication, memorandums of understandings, and planning must occur. The value of these partnerships is seen during execution of missions in support of each other. Partnerships are not only what the public expects, it is what they demand. Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”