April 2018 cover

April 2018

Guest Editor: Kristina Rose

Victims of crime and crime survivors come from all walks of life and all parts of the communities that law enforcement serves every day. Whether working with victims or families affected by violent crime, hate crimes, sexual assault, or a myriad of other offenses, it’s key that law enforcement be prepared to offer or partner with those who offer victim support services. Likewise, law enforcement must be aware of segments of their community that might be fearful of reaching out for help—immigrants, victims of intimate partner violence, gang-affiliated individuals, and so forth—and take the initiative to build trust and relationships with them.


  • Police Week 2018

    Each year during Police Week, communities across the United States hold memorial services in remembrance of police officers who have made the supreme sacrifice for their ...

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  • Ending Violence Against Women and the Abuse of Power

    I still remember the words of my father, a gentle man. He used to say “the greatest sin that can be committed is the abuse of power. And the cardinal sin of all sins is abuse against a woman or a c...

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  • Healing the Wounds of Hatred

    It isn’t often that a hate-driven incident creates an opportunity for positive community building and fosters unity and forgiveness between the suspect and victims. However, for the city of Meriden,...

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  • Informing and Supporting Original Victims of Crime During Post-Conviction Exonerations

    When a violent crime occurs, the crime survivor or victim’s family is forever altered. Broken pieces of former lives have scattered and disappeared and attempting to put things back together the way...

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  • Overcoming Fear and Building Trust with Immigrant Communities and Crime Victims

    One of the most intimidat...

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  • Protecting Victims of Intimate Partner Violence: Arizona’s Emerging Risk Assessment Model

    The diligent patrol officer reported the episode thoughtfully. He had administered the pilot risk assessment carefully, using the new departmental protocol; his training; and his talent for listening,...

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  • Collaborations in Witness Protection: Denver’s Replicable Model

    The cooperation of victims and witnesses is crucial to achieving successful investigations and prosecutions of criminal offenders. However, victims and witnesses a...

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  • IACP Through the Years: Youth Violence in America: Recommendations from the IACP Summit

    Reinforcing its commitment to foster effective responses to violent crime, the IACP assembled over 80 practitioners and scholars on April 24–26, 1996, in Arlingt...

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  • 2018 Buyers’ Guide: Provider Directory

    The 2018 Buyers’ Guide Directory contains contact information for all companies included in the guide. The manufacturers, suppliers, and service organizations listed in the edition have contributed ...

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  • 2018 Buyers' Guide: Products & Services

    The annual Police Chief Buyers’ Guide is the most important tool available to law enforcement executives putting together their equipment budgets, and the only buyers’ guide supporte...

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