August 2004

The Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will host the 111th Annual IACP Conference November 13-17, 2004. For a preview of conference activities, please see pages 26-51 in this issue.
Photo © Michele and Tom Grimm/LACVB


  • CCTV: A Law Enforcement Tool

    The past decade has seen unprecedented growth in the deployment of closed-circuit television (CCTV) security monitoring systems. Nationally reported events, such as terrorist attacks and school and wo...

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  • How the Annual IACP Conference Helps: Stopping Domestic Violence in Indian Country

    With ingenuity, $25,000 can go a long way. For Sergeant Albert Benally, the deputy sheriff in charge of inspections in the McKinley County, New Mexico, Sheriff'...

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  • Maintaining Traffic Patrols in the Face of Rising Energy Costs

    Not since the oil embargo of several decades ago has U.S. law enforcement faced such a serious challenge from rising petroleum costs. The price of gasoline at the retail pumps has risen above $2 per g...

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  • Shared Responsibility: The Next Step in Professional Ethics

    Police departments have put in place various programs to address misconduct by officers. These include requiring ongoing ethics training for officers, improving use-of-force policies and training, dev...

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  • The Bali Bombing: Australian Law Enforcement Assistance to Indonesia

    The Australian law enforcement response to the Bali nightclub bombings in October 2002 is one of the most significant operations ever undertaken by Australian law enforcement agencies. Led by the Aust...

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  • The In-Car Camera: Value and Impact

    In the late 1990s, lawsuits alleging race-based traffic stops were being filed against state police and highway patrol agencies throughout the United States. In some instances, the courts ruled that r...

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  • View from the Top: The Frustrations of Police Chiefs, and How to Solve Them

    A prominent police educator called the police chief position "the most difficult and demanding job in public administration today." A government journal article about police chiefs is titled "Mission ...

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