December 2011

The 118th Annual IACP Conference featured education; networking; and an exposition providing the latest in law enforcement technology, equipment, and products. Among the businesses of the association conducted at the conference, the membership passed 23 resolutions. Chief Walter A. McNeal of Quincy, Florida, was sworn in as the IACP President. Chief Ronal Serpas of New Orleans, Louisiana, was elected fourth vice president, and Chief Jim Craze of Greenbelt, Maryland, was elected vice president at large. Cover photos by Convention Photo by Joe Orlando.


  • Taking the Straw Man to the Ground: Arguments in Support of the Linear Use-of-Force Continuum

    During the last several years, there has been a resurgence of the debate surrounding the linear use-of-force continuum. A number of professionals have argued that force continuums must be laid to rest...

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  • How Police Can Use Hospital Laws to Speed Processing in Hospital Emergency Departments

    Police chiefs throughout the United States are frequently confronted with situations where department overtime budgets are strained; physical effort levels are drained; and officers are frustrated by ...

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  • On Choosing the Right Operational Police Physician

    Agencies seeking police physicians would be well served to consider certain strengths to seek and pitfalls to avoid. In recent years, doctors associated with law enforcement have become increasingly c...

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  • Intelligence-Led Policing: The Future Is Now

    A few years ago, Erlanger, Kentucky—a quiet suburban community in northern Kentucky, close to Cincinnati, Ohio—experienced a series of mysterious crimes. Everything from wrought-iron fences to sew...

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  • "Just a Volunteer”: Supporting An Agency’s Volunteer Program through Difficult Times

    By now, the benefits of citizen law enforcement volunteer programs are well established. However, the stories above illustrate one aspect of these programs that rarely, if ever, gets discussed: the in...

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  • Providing Effective Policing for Aboriginal Communities

    Around the world, critical incidents related to issues of indigenous rights or social and economic conditions in indigenous communities often attract national and international media coverage, but day...

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  • The IACP and Alcatel-Lucent Present International and Domestic Police Officer of the Year Awards

    Joining with global communications industry leader Alcatel-Lucent, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) went outside the borders of the United States this year to coname Costa Rica...

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