February 2005

This issue of the Police Chief addresses several important topics in homeland security. Read about intelligence sharing, the ongoing work of the Criminal Intelligence Coordinating Council, the development of fusion centers,and IMS and the incident command system (ICS), which local law enforcement agencies must institutionalize this year. The end users of these efforts are the officers on the street. Cover art by Jennifer Cedoz, TGD Communications. Bottom left insert photograph of Larry Goven of the Arlington County, Virginia, Police Department by Patricia Casstevens.


  • Fighting Crime and Terrorism through Data Integration

    The constellation of clues and evidence related to criminal activity is often spread across disconnected databases and paper files in thousands of local, state, and federal agencies. In many cases cri...

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  • Fourth Annual IACP Torch Run Photo Contest

    Judges selected these winning photographs from a pool of more than 225 images submitted by almost 50 Torch Run programs from all over the world. Judges from the IACP and Special Olympics International...

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  • Identity Theft and the Police Response: Prevention

    Unlike other, more conventional crimes, identity theft is difficult to prevent because it is most often done electronically, either on the Internet or credit card transactions. It is not a traditional...

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  • Intelligence Sharing: Counterterrorism Collaboration Interoperability Project

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  • Intelligence Sharing: Efforts to Develop Fusion Center Intelligence Standards

    How can law enforcement embrace the collaborative process to improve intelligence sharing and ultimately increase the ability to detect, prevent, and solve crimes?...

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  • Intelligence Sharing: Law Enforcement Support Center

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  • Intelligence Sharing: The Criminal Intelligence Coordinating Council

    In order to address past inadequacies in our nation's intelligence process, the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs (OJP), at the request of the International Association of Chiefs...

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  • NIMS and the Incident Command System

    In Homeland Security Presidential Directive-5 (HSPD-5), President Bush called on the secretary of homeland security to develop a national incident management system to provide a consistent nationwide ...

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