February 2014

In today’s environment of online shopping, electronic recordkeeping, and ever-evolving technologies, criminals have taken to the cyberworld to commit crimes ranging from identity theft to compromising national security. This crime without borders is forcing law enforcement leaders at every level to adapt and develop new ways to safeguard sensitive information, while stopping those who seek to access that same information.


  • Police Licensing and Revocation

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  • Cybercrimes Enforcement: A State Perspective

    The advent of the Internet created great opportunities for mankind to share information, expand knowledge, develop new commerce, and make the world seem smaller and more connected. Unfortunately, it a...

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  • Collaboration to Combat Cyberthreats

    The cyberthreat is a top national security priority for the United States. Terrorists, nation-state sponsored actors, and criminal groups have expanded their operations into the digital realm to probe...

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  • Facing the New World of Digital Evidence & Cybersecurity

    The threat to critical police data in today’s world is real and growing at an exponential rate as agencies become more dependent upon digital technology for day-to-day operations. In addition, cyber...

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