July 2011

Guest Editors: Richard J. Ashton, IACP, Nancy Kolb, IACP, and Rebecca McClelland, IACP

How, when faced with shrinking budgets and resources, should law enforcement executives ensure that traffic safety activities a priority?  The answer to this question lies in data-driven practices to deploy resources and conduct enforcement and other traffic-related activity. The availability of data and analytical processes is improving daily for both large and small agencies. Cover image courtesy of the Baltimore County, Maryland, Police Department.


  • Data-Driven Practices Maximize Resources amid Shrinking Budgets

    Law enforcement agencies are facing unprecedented reductions in resources that have affected all aspects of policing. At the same time, demands for service are rising while the critical mission of pre...

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  • Traffic Incident Management: Protecting Officers, Saving Lives, and Ensuring the Surface Transportation System’s Efficiency

    As federal, state, and local budgets shrink and the national economy struggles to leave behind what some now call the Great Recession, transportation infrastructure will likely see modest government i...

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  • Serious about Seat Belts

    The death or injury of a police officer as a result of a motor vehicle crash is as serious and costly today as it was 20 years ago. From economics on both state and local levels to the psychological i...

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  • The Changing Face of Vehicle Theft

    There is a common misconception that vehicle theft as a whole has remained unchanged in recent times, but nothing could be further from the truth. Vehicle theft has changed dramatically over the past ...

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  • Preventing Traffic-Related Line-of-Duty Deaths

    Too many law enforcement officers die as a result of automobile crashes. More than 700 officers lost their lives from 2000 to 2009 because of an automobile or motorcycle crash or from being struck and...

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  • Keeping Our Roadways Safe with Speed-Measuring Devices: The Importance of Maintaining Confidence in Their Accuracy

    Traffic safety is an important element of keeping communities safe, enhancing quality of life, and reducing social harm. Law enforcement has the primary responsibility for protecting a nation’s road...

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  • Engaging the Public and Protecting Agencies and Personnel on Facebook and Beyond

    In November 2009, the Roanoke, Virginia, Police Department launched a Facebook page as part of a crime prevention initiative known as the Safer City Roanoke campaign. The goal was to decrease incident...

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  • Using Technology to Take Community Policing to the Next Level

    The Boca Raton, Florida, Police Services Department (BRPD) was one of the first law enforcement departments in the country to embrace social media. It happened in 2007, when this affluent oceanfront c...

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  • Protecting Officers Online, Off Duty: How Police Chiefs Can Safeguard Officers with Policy Guidance on Social Networking

    The headlines have become far too common: “Facebook Photos Lead to Internal Police Investigation”; “Police Investigate Report of Officer Posting Photo of Dead Body on Facebook”; and “Cop Say...

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