July 2013

The cover photograph shows Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper Shawn Cook, conducting an evaluation of a suspected drug-impaired driver. Trooper Cook was the 2012 State Trooper of the Year and, in 2012, earned the Highway Patrol’s Criminal Patrol ribbon with 16 felony arrests, as well as its Ace Award for excellence in auto larceny enforcement — recovering five Stolen vehicles and making arrests in each case.

Cover image courtesy of Tommy Stiver, Ohio Department of Public safety.


  • Highly Visible Traffic Enforcement Drives Truck and Bus Safety

    The fundamental mission of the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) is to ensure that U.S. citizens travel safely from one destination to another. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ...

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  • Preventing Carnage

    There is no single solution to prevent traffic crashes, the carnage they produce, and the lives that are forever changed because of them. However, law enforcement professionals across the United State...

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  • Safety Is Important when It Is Personal: Taking a Leadership Role in Highway Safety

    Nearly every state trooper, police officer, deputy sheriff, and constable has arrived on the scene of a tragic motor vehicle crash and been personally changed forever. In 1987, not long after gradu...

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  • Efforts Continue to Address Drugged Driving, But Is It Enough?

    A growing body of research is confirming what law enforcement officers and traffic safety experts have suspected for years: that many licit, illicit, and over-the-counter drugs impair a driver’s abi...

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  • Cincinnati HAZARD: A Place-Based Traffic Enforcement and Violent Crime Strategy

    In 2006, the Cincinnati, Ohio, Police Department developed and implemented its Crash Analysis Reduction Strategy (CARS), which reduced traffic crashes through a series of focused strategies that reduc...

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  • Product Feature: Transportation

    From simple tweaks to major reinventions, transportation is evolving. Transportation for the law enforcement and public safety communities is no exception. New vehicle designs and features are helping...

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  • Eyewitness Identification: An Update on What Chiefs Need to Know

    The police properly view their role as detecting what crime has been committed and who, in fact, committed it and who, in fact, did not. The investigative stage may be controlled by legal rules but it...

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