June 2013

Social media and other technologies are integral to policing in today’s world. While terrorists and other criminals have embraced technology to support their activities, law enforcement agencies are using technology to prevent and solve crimes. The IACP Technology Center and the IACP Center for Social Media are leading efforts to help law enforcement personnel develop policy guidance. This issue of the Police Chief magazine addresses the application of social media and other technologies by law enforcement agencies.


  • Delivering the Message to Terrorists—The Boston Way

    The twin bombings at the Boston Marathon and the manhunt for the Tsarnaev brothers captivated the nation in the last weeks of April 2013. Nearly a dozen years after 9/11, a great U.S. city was once ag...

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  • Fighting Terrorism: International Models for Law Enforcement

    For most U.S. citizens, terrorism became an issue of focus in the wake of the Al Qaeda attacks on September 11, 2001. However, for many countries around the world, terrorism has been an issue that the...

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  • A Practical Application: Facial Recognition Technology

    The key to a state having a secure driver license and identification card issuance system is a comprehensive approach that focuses on prevention and deterrence against fraud. From the initial applicat...

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  • Product Feature: Mobile Computers

    Mobile computers can be much more these days than simply a screen on the squad car dashboard. In an era of downsizing, mobile computing tools help law enforcement and public safety officers, their man...

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  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems: All the Boxes Checked, but Challenges Remain

    A recent article in Police Chief magazine outlined factors to consider when purchasing technology. Is it cost effective? Is it training intensive? Will it require service and maintenance? What is the ...

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  • Combating Financial Fraud and ID Theft through Regional Partnerships

    Financial fraud and identity theft (FIT) crimes have grown exponentially over the past decade. It has evolved from being narrow and limited, often affecting vulnerable or reckless victims and business...

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