June 2014

Technology is constantly evolving, and law enforcement’s knowledge base and tools must evolve with it to keep up the needs of our communities. This issue explores the use of cutting-edge technologies such as tablets, social media, biometrics, and more in law enforcement, and the policies and considerations that must accompany these new tools.

Cover photo credits, left to right: Motion Computing, ARJIS, Robinson Helicopter, OnCam Technologies, ARJIS.


  • A Foundation for the Future: Aligning Law Enforcement with the Community and Government Policy Makers

    The responsibilities of a chief of police are becoming more complex with each passing day. The position always had its challenges—leading an organization in highly fluid environments, both internal ...

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  • “I Did It” – Confession Contamination and Evaluation

    The ability to interrogate a suspect has long been one of the most valuable tools of law enforcement, but only relatively recently has the legal community begun to recognize its potential dangers—in...

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  • Remote Biometrics Empower San Diego Officers

    In Oceanside, California, on October 7, 2013, the police responded to a report of an assault on a bus driver. The suspect had brutally attacked the driver and passengers, sexually assaulting a female ...

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  • Considerations for Social Media Management and Strategy

    It’s the rare law enforcement agency these days that is not somehow using social media as a way to interact with its community. If agencies are not actively using it already, chances are that they a...

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  • Social Media: An Outreach Tool for Rural Communities

    Since its humble transformation from a highway patrol in 1948, the Kentucky State Police (KSP) has always placed a high value on community policing. As a rural police agency that many citizens rely on...

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  • Tablet Migration: Do Tablets Have a Home in Your Agency?

    chnology is evolving at light speed, and the way public safety agencies work is changing with it. Not too long ago, an officer would have been considered lucky to have his own laptop. Today, comput...

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  • Product Feature: Helping Data Work for You

    It was no ordinary burglary. Thieves had broken into a home in Oceanside, California, and it was not a random home. It belonged to Tristan Geisler, a world-class athlete who won a gold medal in the sk...

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  • Police Implications Associated with Identifying Micro-Hotspots

    Policing hotspots has long been considered a valuable tactic to help management direct scarce police resources. The effective implementation of responses to “hotspots” requires police department p...

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