June 2018

Guest Editors: Eric Delaune, Meghann Casanova, and Mike Prado

With the rise in Internet accessibility and the commonality of Internet-enabled devices, it is inevitable that policing in the 21st century involves investigating and combating cybercrime and computer-enabled crime. While the goals are the same as in all crime
prevention—protecting members of the global community, halting criminals before they offend again, and promoting overall public safety and quality of life—fighting cyber and computer crimes comes with additional challenges, including constantly evolving technology, digital evidence, multi-jurisdictional (and global) collaboration, and securing crucial data.


  • Protecting the Powerless: Combating Cyber Child Sexual Exploitation

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  • Following the Money: Investigating Cryptocurrency

    When Bitcoin, the first decentralized cryptocurrency, was issued in 2009, an entirely new world was created in relation to money laundering and financial investigations. Bitcoin, at the simplest level...

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  • Cybersecurity Leadership for Today’s Law Enforcement Executive: Two Strategic Issues

    Today’s law enforcement leaders are regularly exposed to the multilevel impact of strategic cyberthreats. Daily news media coverage reports cyberattack incidents impacting both private and public se...

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  • Myths and Realities of Going Dark: Talking Points for SLTT LE Executives

    Investigators are in a fight in the offices and cubicles of any law enforcement agency… one where the other side is gradually getting the better of them. Any subscriber to a technical law enforcemen...

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  • Starting a Forensic Video Unit: What Chiefs Need to Know

    Many agencies across the world have realized the increasing importance of digital evidence in criminal investigations. Video evidence has been particularly useful not only in solving crimes, but in il...

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  • The FBI’s NIBRS Transition: Questions and Answers

    On January 1, 2021, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will retire the Summary Reporting System (SRS), the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program’s longtime crime data collection system. There...

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  • Race to the Cloud ... Proceed with Caution

    There are speed limits for most roads and waterways, with the caveat known well by all—one should drive only as fast as conditions allow. A great rule of thumb to avoid damage during driving, boat...

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  • IACP Through the Years: The Evolution of the Computer Hacker’s Motives

    In celebration of IACP’s 125th anniversary, each 2018 issue of Police Chief includes a republished article from the magazine’s history, which dates back to 1934. The following article i...

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  • Today’s Police Chiefs’ Greatest Challenge: Accountability, Accountability, Accountability!

    In today’s policing environment, maintaining trust is a constant internal and external challenge. Declining recruitment and retention efforts have created safety concerns for officers and communitie...

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