March 2004

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  • Analyzing Concerns among Police Administrators: Recruitment and Retention of Police Officers in North Carolina

    In early summer 2000 the North Carolina Governor's Crime Commission in conjunction with the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission and the North Carolina Sheriffs'...

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  • Controlling Abuse of Sick Leave

    Sick leave is an essential benefit in the employee's compensation package. It allows an employee who cannot work due to sickness or accidental injury to continue receiving his or her salary uninterrup...

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  • Crime Prevention: Are We Missing the Mark?

    According to the IACP Crime Prevention Committee's Towards 2000 and Beyond, "Community safety is everyone's responsibility and crime prevention is everyone's business." This statement reflects the und...

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  • For Smaller Police Agency Executives: Mentoring for Success

    Steps taken to build relationships inside the police agency and between the police and the community in the first year can make or break a new chief's career in the community. For this reason, the IAC...

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  • Minority Recruitment: A Working Model

    Many police agencies have experienced difficulty recruiting and selecting applicants. In particular, agencies continue to have an especially hard time recruiting minority applicants. Since September 1...

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  • Underlying Physical Fitness Factors for Performing Police Officer Physical Tasks

    Few if any law enforcement personnel disagree with the notion that physical fitness is necessary for the safe and effective performance of certain critical and essential job functions. The more diffic...

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