March 2014

Agencies face a number of challenges in recruiting officers who will become tomorrow’s law enforcement leaders; policing requires skill, knowledge, and a certain type of personality. Every element of police recruiting and hiring can benefit from innovative approaches and new techniques that broaden the pool of applicants and drew high-quality candidates.

The cover photograph features San Bernadino (California) Public Safety Academy students participating in Jaws of Life training. Photo courtesy of the Academy.


  • Colorado’s Cold Case Task Force: A Blueprint for Improving Cold Case Investigation and Developing Trust between Co-victims and Law Enforcement

    Unresolved or “cold case” homicides represent some of the most challenging cases for law enforcement to successfully solve and prosecute. Despite growing media attention and increasing public awar...

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  • Targeted Analytical Policing System (T.A.P.S.): Improving Policing in New Castle County

    New Castle County (NCC), which lies in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, is the most populated of the three counties in the state of Delaware, and the New Castle County Police Department (...

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  • Realistic Job Previews: Reworking Your Recruitment Messaging and Strategies to Reach Today’s Candidates

    Recruitment is an ongoing challenge for police agencies. Even during tough economic times when many employers are flush with applicants, the quality of law enforcement candidates continues to be a con...

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  • Innovative Injunctions Wrest Long Beach Streets from Gang’s Grip

    Drake Park in Long Beach, California, looked just as it should late one recent April afternoon as Detective Chris Zamora took two guests on a tour of the city’s north side—children on swings; pare...

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  • Enhancing Recruitment Efforts Nationwide through K–12 School Partnerships

    For careers in public safety, an all-too familiar challenge lies in the need for more efficient, cost-effective recruiting and hiring processes. This issue may be most pressing in law enforcement. In ...

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  • The Role of Pre-employment Screenings

    Recruitment for new police officers and other public safety personnel has its challenges every step of the way, from advertising the open positions to selecting the candidates that will go on to the r...

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  • Medical Screening of Police Applicants

    Scenario 1 A police officer has poorly controlled diabetes and receives insulin shots. One day, while on duty, that officer suffers from low blood sugar. As a result, the officer becomes me...

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  • Building a Better Workforce Through the Use of Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluations

    Recruitment of a quality workforce takes an enormous amount of time, effort, and expense. A smart approach to this process in law enforcement includes multiple information sources that ultimately coal...

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