May 2017

Guest Editors: James Baker and Meghann Casanova

It’s no secret that law enforcement officers’ safety is often at risk, but officer safety and wellness encompasses all elements of their well-being—physical, emotional, and mental—going far beyond the day-to-day risks their jobs entail. Whether its researching resilience, improving safety policies, instituting innovative programs, or exploring new partnerships, law enforcement experts and professionals are taking note of this important issue and taking steps to increase all aspects of officer safety and wellness.


  • Operation Thrive: An Action Plan for Strategic Wellness Success

    It is the invisible force that has the power to save or kill. It can make an agency grow or it can stifle an agency. It can provide or steal employees’ most valuable moments with family and friends....

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  • 360 Degrees of Self-Survival

    It’s been a bad couple of years for law enforcement. Conflicts over officer actions, including officer-involved shootings, have strained relations between U.S. police and the communities they serve,...

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  • Building Resiliency: A Protective Leadership Strategy for Increasing Performance

    “The strongest factor related to unit resilience is officer leadership…. Good leaders make a very big difference under high-stress condi...

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  • Humanizing the Stress of Policing: A Non-Diagnostic Approach to Teaching Stress Resilience

    Experiential learning in life is an asset that needs recognition as a vital part of training in individuals’ resilience to stress. Similar to the characters in a computer game where experiences resu...

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  • Ideas & Insights: Research on Civilians in Policing

    Civilian employees are an important resource in policing, but they have been largely overlooked by researchers. The biggest focus has been on the growth in their numbers—civilian employees grew from...

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  • Ideas & Insights: The Importance of Civilians in Modern Policing

    Research on Civilians in Policing” provides insight into the changing roles and opportunities for civilian employees within law enforcement agencies. The civilianization (the tendency to replace or ...

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  • Strategic Planning: A Key Component of Organizational Success

    Strategic planning can be defined as the “process of developing and maintaining a strategic fit between the organization’s goals and the changing landscape.” In other words, the process of stra...

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