November 2003


  • A Foundation For Information Sharing

    Many in the law enforcement profession said it couldn't be done: build an integrated federal, state, and local law enforcement national information sharing system complete with tactical and strategic ...

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  • Law Enforcement Chaplaincy in Sonoma County

    Sonoma County, California, north of San Francisco Bay, is home to the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Service. The service has 58 trained chaplains who respond immediately to all parts of the county when c...

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  • LEIN: The Iowa Law Enforcement Intelligence Network

    In 1984, Iowa law enforcement agencies established the Iowa Law Enforcement Intelligence Network, believed to be the first of its kind in the nation. Since then, LEIN programs have been implemented in...

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  • Overcoming Information Sharing Obstacles and Complexity

    Information sharing—it sounds so easy. After all, information is at the heart of most criminal justice and law enforcement activities. Investigations are all about capturing facts, analyzing those f...

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  • Police Approaches That Improve the Response to People with Mental Illnesses: A Focus on Victims

    Police officers routinely provide the first line of crisis response for situations involving persons with mental illnesses. These calls for service are common (they constitute between seven and 10 per...

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  • Studying Public Perceptions of Police Grooming Standards

    Many law enforcement agencies have long had policies or regulations regarding grooming standards for police officers. These agencies have argued that strict grooming standards are necessary to ensure ...

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  • The CAMStat Service Delivery Initiative

    To the credit of the many men and women of the Denton Police Department, community oriented policing has been the standard in Denton, Texas, since 1987. Community oriented policing empowers police off...

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  • The FBI's Intelligence Capability

    Intelligence has always been a core competency of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), organic to its investigative mission; however, it has not been an enterprise-wide activity. The importance ...

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  • The IACP Information Integration Planning Model

    During the height of the Washington, D.C.-area sniper investigation in October 2002, investigators received a reported 142,000 calls from the public with tips and leads. For years the FBI's Rapid Star...

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  • The Matrix Project

    The Office of Justice Programs, in the U.S. Department of Justice, initiated funding for the Matrix (Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange) project in response to the increased need for timel...

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  • The National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan

    Imagine a detective working a fraud investigation. As a result of a single inquiry into a networked system-connected to local, state, regional, and federal databases-responses are received from the Fe...

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