October 2004

Los Angeles welcomes members and guests of the International Association of Chiefs of Police to the111th Annual IACP Law Enforcement Education and Technology Exposition. See article Conference Preview for more information about education sessions, networkingopportunities, and special events at the conference. Cover photograph by Buddy Fowler,Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.


  • Canada’s National Use-of-Force Framework for Police Officers

    Police use of force is officially sanctioned, but questions remain. What is a reasonable use of force? Why and under what circumstances is one type of force chosen over another? What standards are in ...

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  • Fourth IACP South American Executive Policing Conference, in Porto Alegre, Brazil

    The Fourth IACP South American Executive Policing Conference was held in Porto Alegre, Brazil, last month, and by all accounts it was a great professional experience for the delegates. The Brazilian c...

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  • Mission Possible: Creating a New Face for the FBI

    No law enforcement agency faces greater recruiting challenges than the Federal Bureau of Investigation. With stringent application requirements and a public image of "men in black," the agency has sev...

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  • Multiagency Teams: A Leadership Challenge

    The author’s research was designed to examine the various cultural practices and communications protocols that either assisted in or interfered with the ability of police agencies to form and sustai...

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  • Police Supervision in the 21st Century: Can Traditional Work Standards and the Contemporary Employee Coexist?

    There is little doubt that most police supervisors, at whatever level of the organization, have felt the frustration inherent in the attempted application of traditional work standards to employees wh...

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  • Practical Technology for Smaller Agencies

    Even under the best of economic conditions, conscientious public officials recognize that the department's budget and its ability to spend public funds represent an important trust from the citizens o...

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  • Preparing Leaders for Law Enforcement

    Leadership is a concept that has received tremendous attention recently because of issues and incidents arising from some business, government, and religious organizations. As a result, the public is ...

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  • The Case for Investigator Mentoring: The Rochester Experience

    One proven method of addressing crime problems is by effective and efficient criminal investigation practices, and the quality of the preliminary investigation has been proven to have a profound impac...

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  • The Long Beach Police Department Doc Squad: Police Work for the Medical Professional

    In Long Beach, California, police have developed a resource that helps preserve community health, safety, and welfare: the Long Beach Police Department Medical Corps, also known as the Doc Squad....

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