September 2004

Administrators of smaller police agencies are experts at making the most of limited resources. In this issue of the Police Chief, several share their ideas for promoting the department, forming partnerships with local businesses and schools, intervening in the lives of at-risk children, and reducing noise complaints. Photograph courtesy University of Vermont Police Services.


  • A New Tool to Combat Pharmacy Theft

    RxPatrol, or Rx Pattern Analysis Tracking Robberies and Other Losses, is a Web-based clearinghouse of information regarding crimes involving theft and other losses of prescription drugs that occur at ...

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  • Alarm Industry Steps Up to Reduce False Alarm Calls through Enhanced Call Verification

    It is no secret that responding to false alarm calls places an undue burden on police resources and affects agencies' responses to more serious calls. There are a number of effective strategies that h...

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  • In Partnership with NHTSA: Washington State Patrol Focuses on Aggressive Drivers

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has sponsored several studies in the last 30 years that attempt to identify causes of roadway collisions. Research consistently reports that ...

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  • Low-Cost Innovations: Community Outreach through Children's Programs

    In 1995 the City of Pocomoke began an innovative approach to community policing by initiating a number of community outreach programs aimed at youth. The programs grew from modest beginnings, with lit...

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  • Low-Cost Innovations: Police-Community Partnership Program

    For many years the Lodi Police Department had too little involvement with the community. The department was reactive; the prevailing policing style was to wait for a crime to be committed or a problem...

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  • Low-Cost Innovations: Reducing Nuisance Parties and Noise Complaints

    Big Rapids, in northwest Michigan, has a population of about 10,000. It is also home to 10,000 Ferris State University students. Approximately 3,000 students live on campus and another 5,000 live in r...

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  • Low-Costs Innovations: Proud: Giving Neighborhoods A Fresh Start

    For years, the nationally recognized Neighborhood Watch program provided Morrow's residents with knowledge of crime prevention techniques. Sadly, the program was not maintaining its initial enthusiasm...

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  • Marketing the Smaller Agency

    Police officers perform many tasks to safeguard their community's quality of life. Sometimes their constituents take for granted, forget, or do not know about the good work that officers do and the ri...

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  • The TUPPER Project: A Shared Law Enforcement Information Network

    The TUPPER (Technology Utilization Pilot Project for Enhancing Resources) project is a consortium of 27 police departments that share information. The network currently spans three counties and covers...

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  • Youth Referral System

    Law enforcement, social services agencies, community-based organizations, and schools all can play a role in helping a young person to develop and keep from entering the juvenile justice systems. Prev...

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