September 2014

Persons with mental illness come form every class, race, gender, income-level, and community. Mental health issues can be faced by anyone, from the community members that officers serve and protect to the officers themselves. This issue presents specific examples and recommendations to help law enforcement officers better understand mental health and how to protect persons with mental illness, those endangered by mental health situations, and themselves.


  • A Package Deal: Police, Fire, and EMS All in One

    All police officers wear many “hats” in their everyday duties, but a few also wear a firefighter helmet and a paramedic cap. These cross-trained officers generally work for an integrated agency, o...

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  • Unlock the Mystery of Mental Illness with CIT – A Community Approach to Officer Safety

    Officer safety is of paramount importance to law enforcement leadership. It is embedded in the police culture at every level. Simply explained, the goal of every officer is to go home every day. When ...

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  • Vicarious Traumatization: A Guide for Managing the Silent Stressor

    Police work has long been understood to involve work that may be considered upsetting and shocking to the public. Police officers routinely have to respond to situations where they are exposed to the ...

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  • Responding to Mental Health Emergencies: Crisis Intervention Training in Loudoun County

    Columbine, Colorado; Virginia Tech; Aurora, Colorado; Sandy Hook, Connecticut; and Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, Arizona—these shootings are just some examples of how mental illness can have a devas...

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  • Targeted Violence in Schools: Understanding Mental Health and Managing the Risks

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  • Managing the Dark Side: Treating Officers with Addiction

    Law enforcement officers know stress as well as, if not better, than most people. They come face-to-face with life-threatening situations, victims of traumatic incidents, and unpredictability on a reg...

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  • Managing Encounters with Returning Veterans

    Over 2 million U.S. Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy personnel have served since 2001 in the theaters of Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF); since 2003 in Iraq...

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  • Law Enforcement Encounters with Sovereign Citizens

    The May 20, 2010, fatal shooting of two West Memphis, Arkansas, police officers and the wounding of two others, allegedly by “sovereign citizens” Jerry and Joe Kane, served to remind the law enfor...

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  • Proactive Property Crime Reduction: Utilizing Interagency Policing, Technology, and Partnerships to Target and Apprehend Offenders

    Property crime is widespread, costing cities and citizens across the United States billions of dollars in lost revenue each year at an average rate of $10,414 per incident.2

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