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As key decision makers for their agencies, law enforcement leaders must have access to the companies that make the products they need most. The 2014 edition of Police Chief’s annual Buyers’ Guide provides you with a comprehensive listing of products and services available to policing—and the information you need to find the right supplier for your agency.

IACP Icon and Long-Time Police Chief Editor Retires
Charles Higginbotham is stepping down from his post as Police Chief editor and IACP Conference director.
IACP Working for You
This column keeps you up to date on IACP’s work to support our members and the field of law enforcement.
From the Secretary: Enforcement Essential to Combat Distracted Driving
My thanks go out to every law enforcement officer who reports for duty each day to serve and protect the people of the United States. Credit is due to the vigilant officers who, over the past 40 years, have started writing tickets ...
Police Week 2014
Each year during Police Week, communities across the United States hold memorial services in remembrance of police officers who have made the supreme sacrifice for their communities.
Leading Criminal Justice System Change: The Critical Role of Local Law Enforcement
Implementing effective change across the justice system cannot be solely one stakeholder’s or group’s responsibility. Systemic change requires collaboration from all stakeholders.
A Collaborative Approach to Plea Offers
Successfully managing the relationship between prosecutors and law enforcement agencies requires trust and an understanding of the sometimes conflicting missions of each group.
Predictive Policing: What It Is, What It Isn’t and How It Can Be Useful
Predictive policing uses computer models, supported by prior crime and environmental data, to anticipate risks of crime and inform actions to prevent crime.
Using CompStat to Manage a Police Budget
It is hard to believe that CompStat has been in existence for 20 years, but it is now a large part of the landscape for today’s police agencies.
Outsourcing the Evidence Room: Moving Digital Evidence to the Cloud
On the surface, the idea that a state or municipal law enforcement agency would consider outsourcing digital evidence storage to private companies seems far-fetched.
Research in Brief: Predictive Policing: Understanding and Applying Analytical Techniques to Prevent and Combat Crime
While predictive policing has seen widespread use in recent years, the field has lacked a comprehensive resource that assesses the most commonly used tools and helps departments determine which are most appropriate for their jurisdiction.
Officer Safety Corner: The Role of Mindfulness Training in Policing a Democratic Society
U.S. police professionals work in an increasingly demanding and complex operational, administrative and legal landscape.
Product Feature: New Twists on Familiar Safeguards for Schools
This article features Technology to Protect Schools. Since 1980, 137 school shootings have accounted for 297 fatalities in the United States, the majority of them children.
Online bonus article—Returning Home for Good: Is It Reentry or Really Post-Release Aftercare?
Is “reentry” really what it sounds like—a return to home, work, and society? Many communities demonstrate that reentry is really something more complex and challenging, for both the person returning and the community into which he or she returns.
Online bonus article—Start by Believing: Changing Attitudes Toward Sexual Assault
The Start by Believing public awareness campaign was specifically designed to improve the reactions of professionals and other support people when someone turns to them and says, “I was raped.”
2014 Police Week Model Proclamation
2014 Buyers' Guide
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