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In 2013, 105 men and women from U. S., state, local, tribal, or federal law enforcement agencies tragically lost their lives. It is the IACP’s position that no injury or death of a law enforcement professional is acceptable. This is the IACP’s annual magazine issue dedicated to officer safety and wellness, and it address timely and notable issues such as officer fitness; personal body armor; mental health and suicide considerations; officer seat belt use; and management and training strategies developed in other industries.

The Dispatch
Officer Safety Corner: Protecting Officers against Pathogens
Law enforcement officers face a variety of dangers, yet one of the most serious threats to officer health and well-being cannot be stopped by Kevlar, is not affected by OC spray, and cannot be defeated by even those officers...
Research in Brief: Using NIBIN Ballistic Imaging Hits for the Strategic Targeting of Violent Criminal Networks
The National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) program is designed to link evidence from firearms that are used at multiple crime scenes or link confiscated firearms to evidence from crime scenes.
From the Manager: A Proactive Strategy for a Unified Public Safety Network
In 2012, Congress passed legislation to create the First Responder Network Authority, known as FirstNet. Its mission is ambitious but necessary—to ensure the construction of a national broadband network for the use of public safety.
IACP Working for You
In the mission to support the law enforcement leaders of today and develop the leaders of tomorrow, the IACP is constantly involved in advocacy, programs, research, and initiatives related to cutting-edge issues.
Changing the Culture of Officer Safety and Wellness
In 2013, line-of-duty deaths among law enforcement officers in the United States dropped to the lowest recorded number in over 50 years.
Better Outcomes in Policing
Police chiefs can obtain better outcomes in law enforcement by employing improved strategies developed in other high-consequence industries. Although law enforcement may appear very different from these industries, the underlying fundamental...
Pay Now or Pay Later: The Value of Structured Physical Training
There is no better time than now to address a culture change in law enforcement in regards to physical training and fitness. An organization faces two choices: it can either invest time in rehabilitation or in training.
Keeping Our Heroes Safe: A Comprehensive Approach to Destigmatizing Mental Health Issues in Law Enforcement
The suicide of a police officer is a tragedy on multiple levels: the senseless loss of the officer’s life to his or her family, community, department, and the law enforcement profession.
A Lesson Learned the Hard Way—One Agency’s Recommendations for Increasing Seat Belt Use
he end of 2013 marked the 25th anniversary of one of the worst losses of life in the history of the Los Angeles, California, Police Department (LAPD). Three Los Angeles police officers lost their lives in an on-duty collision that forever impacted...
The IACP/DuPont Kevlar Survivors’ Club
Officer safety and wellness has always been a top priority for IACP. The association believes that no injury or death of a law enforcement officer is acceptable...
Product Feature: Dressing the Officer for Protection
This article features protective gear.
Managing Change: A Success Story in a Culture Resistant to Change
A truism in policing is that the only thing cops hate more than change is the way things are.
Preparing for Active Shooter Incidents: Adapting to the Latest Tactics and Anticipating Future Trends
The first modern active shooter incident occurred in Austin, Texas, on August 1, 1966, when Charles Whitman climbed to the top of the University of Texas at Austin clock tower with an arsenal of weapons.
Online bonus article—Cute or Catastrophic: Officer Safety in Encounters with Exotic Species
Some law enforcement officials, such as game wardens or U.S. Fish and Wildlife Special Agents, come into physical contact with exotic animals and plants as part of their duties. However, every police officer might encounter exotic species during ...
Online bonus article—Building a National Gang Strategy: A Comprehensive Policy Proposal for Effective Policing, Partnerships, and Organizational Change
Confronted by challenges of a growing gang threat amidst an unprecedented fiscal crisis, U.S. law enforcement is at a crossroads. Police leaders must choose between continuing a reactive response that attempts to preserve the status quo ...
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