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Technology is constantly evolving, and law enforcement’s knowledge base and tools must evolve with it to keep up with the needs of our communities. This issue explores the use of cutting-edge technologies such as tablets, social media, biometrics, and more in law enforcement, and the polices and considerations that must accompany these new tools.
Cover photo credits, left to right : Motion Computing, ARJIS, Robinson Helicopter, OnCam Technologies, and ARJIS

Bonus online article—A Foundation for the Future: Aligning Law Enforcement with the Community and Government Policy Makers
Today’s police chief faces a constantly shifting landscape with a far more mobile and communicating public, the growing integration of vastly differing cultures, the emergence of sophisticated electronic crimes not even fathomable 20 years ago...
Bonus online article—“I Did It” – Confession Contamination and Evaluation
“I did it.” Those simple words, uttered by a suspect are the most powerful evidence in the world. Those words almost guarantee a closed case—and a conviction. They wipe away all doubt and overcome any evidence to the contrary. But should they?
Remote Biometrics Empower San Diego Officers
Traditionally, when officers were working in the field, they relied on radio communications with their dispatchers or in-vehicle mobile computers to obtain status information (e.g., driver’s license, local, NCIC warrants, parole, and probation).
Considerations for Social Media Management and Strategy
Finding the right personnel to manage a social media program is critical.
Social Media: An Outreach Tool for Rural Communities
Since its humble transformation from a highway patrol in 1948, the Kentucky State Police (KSP) has always placed a high value on community policing.
Tablet Migration: Do Tablets Have a Home in Your Agency?
Technology is evolving at light speed, and the way public safety agencies work is changing with it.
Product Feature: Helping Data Work for You
Police Implications Associated with Identifying Micro-Hotspots
Policing hotspots has long been considered a valuable tactic to help management direct scarce police resources.
New Officer Training Saving the Lives of Children
How many officers are actively searching for children who have been reported missing from their jurisdictions or other states? Do those officers know what a missing or exploited child looks like or acts like?
Officer Safety Corner: Prioritizing Emotional & Mental Health through Peer Support
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials recognize the need for a formal crisis response program that would provide support for the emotional or psychological trauma that could arise as a result of ICE’s work and mission.
Research in Brief: Considering Officer Developmental Levels as a Component of Individual and Organizational Success
When law enforcement officers experience failure in a specialty role or task, agency supervisors and administrators often conclude that the responsibility for the failure rests with the individual.
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