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he following list summarizes the resolutions adopted by the IACP, listed according to division, section, or committee, at the 118th Annual IACP Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

Board of Officers

If You See Something, Say Something Campaign: Supporting the Public Awareness and Engagement Initiative

This resolution recognizes that the “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign is consistent with the IACP’s belief that “Hometown Security is Homeland Security,” and strongly supports and encourages IACP members to advocate and support the “If You See Something, Say Something” public awareness and engagement initiative.

Communications and Technology Committee

IACP Support of Adoption by 9-1-1 Centers of APCO ANS 1.101.2-2020 Standard for Public Safety Telecommunicators When Responding to Calls Pertaining to Missing, Abducted, and Sexually Exploited Children

This resolution affirms the IACP’s partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to encourage 9-1-1 centers to adopt the above stated APCO standard, which describes best practices that will help recover abducted children as soon as possible and protect children from sexual exploitation.

Crime Prevention Committee

Support for Fight Crime: Invest in Kids School and Youth Violence Prevention Plan

This resolution calls on public officials to fully fund the crime prevention programs cited in the Fight Crime: Invest in Kids’ School and Youth Violence Prevention Plan, including after-school programs, quality early childhood care and education, programs that help redirect troubled children, and programs proven to improve deficient parenting and prevent child abuse and neglect.

Division of State Associations of Chiefs of Police

Recognizing the 10th Anniversary of the SafeShield Initiative

This resolution supports the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the SafeShield Initiative and urges all law enforcement personnel and agencies to take the fundamental and critical steps of wearing body armor and using seat belts to protect them and to ensure that they return home safely at the end of the day.

Executive Committee

Mandatory Seat Belt Use by Police Officers

This resolution calls on all law enforcement executives to immediately develop and implement mandatory seat belt use policies for their departments.

Mandatory Vest Use by Police Officers

This resolution calls on all law enforcement executives to immediately develop and implement mandatory body armor wear policies for their departments and further resolves that each department will need to determine nonpatrol activities where wearing body armor would be inappropriate.

Forensics Committee

Familial DNA Searches

This resolution encourages the development of policies that would permit the use of familial DNA searches in cases and under policies that respect individual privacy.

Forensics Committee and Police Investigative Operations Committee

Live Video Testimony

This resolution affirms the IACP’s endorsement of the use of live video testimony in court presentations in situations where it is feasible and appropriate and can be conducted through a secure manner.

Homeland Security Committee

Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety Augmented by Intelligence Fusion Centers’ Resources

This resolution recommends that all law enforcement agencies adopt and implement the Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety model and improve its effectiveness by availing themselves of the considerable resources intelligence fusion centers are able to offer.

Support of Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program as Standalone Program

This resolution affirms the vital importance to the security of the United States to fully fund the Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program as a standalone program.

Indian Country Section

Support of 2011 DOJ Legislation in Anticipation of Reauthorization of VAWA

This resolution supports recently proposed DOJ legislation submitted to Congress, which protects Native women within their tribal communities by recognizing tribes’ jurisdiction from assault investigation to sentencing, clarifying tribal courts’ jurisdictions, an amending the Federal Criminal Code to punish individuals for assaults.

Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Committe

Building Our Way Out of Crime Strategy

This resolution commends the private foundations, corporations, and federal agencies that have provided ongoing support to provide practitioners with clear and convincing evidence of this cost-effective crime-control, community-building strategy, along with practical guidance on how to implement it to enhance public safety in neighborhoods throughout the nation. It also encourages IACP members to learn more about the “building our way out of crime strategy” and to collaborate with relevant organizations.

Calling for the Repeal of State Legislation Legalizing the Distribution of “Medical Marijuana”

This resolution calls for the repeal of state legislation legalizing the manufacture, the distribution, and the possession of marijuana for medical purposes.

National Guard Education and Eradication Efforts—Support for Adequate Funding

This resolution encourages Congress to appropriate sufficient funds to adequately and fully fund the National Guard Counterdrug Program so that it can effectively continue its education, analysis, aviation support, and cannabis eradication missions.

Opposing Safe Injection Site Programs and Legislation

This resolution strongly opposes safe injection sites and instead strongly supports law enforcement, prevention, education, and treatment policies that result in the rejection of drug use.

Reporting Violence against Police Officers and Noting the Link between Drug Trafficking and Increasing Violence against Law Enforcement Officers

This resolution strongly encourages all law enforcement agencies to specifically identify those acts of violence that are drug related and use this information to build support for increasing the penalties for such acts and demonstrate the need for law enforcement officers to be provided with additional resources to protect themselves and the communities they serve.

Restoration of Funding for Clandestine Laboratory Cleanup

This resolution urges Congress to appropriate sufficient funds so that state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies may continue their essential roles in the proper removal and disposal of hazardous materials at clandestine laboratories.

Supporting Funding for Regional Information Sharing Systems

This resolution acknowledges that the Regional Information Sharing Systems program is indispensable to federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement efforts to fight crime and terrorism, and further strongly urges Congress to fully fund the program.

Supporting Legislation Prohibiting or Controlling Synthetic Stimulants

This resolution strongly supports state and federal legislation banning synthetic stimulants that mimic the effects of illicit controlled substances when used for human consumption.

Supporting Legislative Model Requiring Prescription for Pseudoephedrine, Ephedrine, and Phenylpropanolamine

This resolution recommends that the availability of all compounds, mixtures, or preparations that contains a detectable amount of pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, and/or phenylpropanolamine, or their salts or optical isomers, be limited by requiring a prescription from a licensed physician or licensed health-care professional authorized to prescribe medications.

Railroad Police Section

Recognizing Railroad Police Officers as Bona Fide Law Enforcement Officers in the United States

This resolution calls for the recognition of railroad police officers as bona fide law enforcement officers in the United States, in part given that railroad police officers are routinely subjected to the same perils as their federal, state, and local law enforcement partners, which has throughout history resulted in their own injuries and death.

Research Advisory Committee

Pretrial Release and Detention Process

This resolution calls a national law enforcement summit to address the need for bail reform and in particular the urgent need for more robust pretrial services that conduct dangerousness assessments for use by the judiciary when considering pretrial release, as detailed in Law Enforcement’s Leadership Role in the Pretrial Release and Detention Process, by the IACP, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, and the Pretrial Justice Institute.

Vehicle Theft Committee

Placing Vehicle Identification Number on Component Parts of All Vehicles

This resolution calls on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to initiate actions to eliminate from the Federal Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Standard those exceptions that prevent inscribing or affixing the vehicle identification numbers on the component parts of all vehicles.



From The Police Chief, vol. LXXVIII, no. 12, December 2011. Copyright held by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, 515 North Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 USA.

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