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Exhibitor Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Firearms destruction system
GUNBUSTERS, LLC introduces their patent-pending firearms pulverizer system. The pulverizer was developed for agencies to destroy confiscated and surrendered firearms and other items of evidence, such as computer hard drives. The system consists of three integral parts: the pulverizer, dual cameras, and a computer program that creates a permanent record of the destruction of each firearm. The database is searchable by serial or agency evidence number. The pulverizer weighs 7,200 pounds and is four feet by ten feet. It is powered by two 25 HP electric motors that generate in excess of 18,000 pounds of pressure, easily cutting firearms into small pieces.

See the Firearms Pulverizer System at IACP 2014 booth 529.
For more information, visit

Educational program
Since 1951, the Southern Police Institute (SPI) has enhanced the professional development of law enforcement practitioners by providing educational programs designed to challenge and prepare practitioners for current and future careers. For 63 years, SPI has provided quality education, training, and technical assistance to law enforcement agencies both nationally and internationally. The 12-week Administrative Officers Course provides an executive leadership development program that includes graduate and undergraduate options. Comprehensive management training features the 10-week Command Officers Development Course. More than 30 professional development training courses are conducted across the nation. SPI technical assistance includes agency assessments, promotional processes, executive searches, and tailored training program design.

Visit Southern Police Institute (SPI) at IACP 2014 booth 566.
For more information, please visit:

Independent validation of DNA system
GE Healthcare Life Sciences and NetBio named several of the laboratories participating in the announced comprehensive developmental validation of DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System. Leading international- and U.S.-accredited NDIS participating forensic laboratories are independently evaluating the overall system from “swab-in to profile-out,” including the on-board Expert System software, which uses automated data interpretation to eliminate the need for human review. Results of the comprehensive multi-laboratory validation process, which includes meeting an extensive set of FBI Quality Assurance Standards, will be used to seek NDIS approval to enable forensic laboratories to submit STR profiles generated by the DNAscan System to CODIS.

Visit GE Healthcare at IACP 2014 booth 615.
For more information, visit

Network app
The Hero911 Network is a voluntary, nonprofit group of federal, state, and local law enforcement officers nationally dedicated to reducing response times to active school shooting incidents. The launch of the group’s Hero911 app is designed to increase the number of officers, on or off duty, who can respond to these tragic school crimes. Any of the nearly 900,000 active U.S. federal, state, or local law enforcement officers can download the Hero911 app for free on their iOS and Android smartphones. The Hero911 app will work in concert with the Hero911 Network’s new companion app for teachers and school staff called SchoolGuard.

Visit Hero911 at IACP 2014 booth 2130.
For more information, visit

Handheld drug ID instrument update
Law enforcement personnel can now use an instrument designed to identify a wider range of synthetic cannabinoids and cathinones. Building on the core functionality of the Thermo Scientific TruNarc handheld analyzer, Thermo Fisher Scientific designed the TruNarc v1.4 software update to increase the onboard library in an effort to enable narcotics officers, customs personnel, and military police to quickly identify and better enforce the newest laws related to synthetic drugs. The analyzer is a handheld Raman system designed for rapid identification of suspected drugs without direct contact. Using Raman spectroscopy, the instrument quickly and accurately identifies a variety of illicit drugs, cutting agents, and precursors.

Visit Thermo Fisher Scientific at IACP 2014 booth 981.
For more information, visit

Motorcycle video system
WatchGuard Video announces the WatchGuard 4REm Wireless Motorcycle Video System. 4REm utilizes a new high-intensity, waterproof LCD display; waterproof camera; industrial grade solid state hard drive; and model-specific motorcycle mounting hardware. It is made of fully industrial grade components (instead of commercial grade components), and the display features a cast aluminum sealed housing (instead of plastic or polycarbonate). Since motorcycles are not intended to run power-hungry electronics, the system is designed to be extremely power efficient. The entire system consumes only 1.6 amps while recording, and it drops to just over 1/1,000th of an amp when in standby mode.

Visit WatchGuard Video at IACP 2014 booth 1559.
For more information, visit

5.11 Tactical introduces an exclusive line of ChromaFlex badges designed for law enforcement officers. A lightweight, comfortable, and secure alternative to heavy metal or embroidered badges, ChromaFlex is a permanent, three-dimensional textile embellishment that allows officers to maintain the authoritative, metallic appearance of a traditional metal badge without sacrificing authenticity. This badge is purpose-built to meet the demanding missions and challenges faced by law enforcement professionals. For added convenience, the badge is both home laundry and dry clean friendly. All stock badge design templates include the option for a state seal insert and customized laser-etched text in one of several colors.

Visit 5.11 Tactical at IACP 2014 booth 1249.
For more information, visit

Collaboration on a software-defined storage infrastructure
Iveda and ProphetStor Data Services, Inc., announce an agreement to collaborate on a software-defined storage infrastructure for providing enterprise-class cloud video surveillance to its customers. Iveda is implementing ProphetStor Federator SDS to orchestrate existing storage silos and commodity hardware into a high-performance, intelligent storage system for the Sentir Intercloud platform, which will provide a leading video management platform optimized across public and private cloud deployments for device provisioning, video streaming, and cloud video analytics. Big Video Data cloud storage infrastructure is to serve as the template for internal operations. Federator is providing automatic discovery and abstraction of physical storage resources into virtual pools classified by capabilities and performance, along with centralized management, automated storage provisioning, and dynamic monitoring and scheduling of resources to meet storage demands. The resulting template will serve as the basis to build infrastructure and provide services.
Visit Iveda at IACP 2014 booth 801.
For more information, visit

Multicolored lightbar
Code 3, Inc., introduces multicolor technology to the 21TR Plus lightbar, along with many enhancements. It is the third lightbar in the top end of the Code 3 line that now has multicolor capability. It provides multiple colors from one lighthead module. No splits, just one full color signal followed by another full color signal. Greater color and flash pattern combinations are now possible with multicolor lighting—create more flash patterns and color activity to alert motorists of your presence. ♦

Visit Code 3, Inc., at IACP 2014 booth 1667.
For more information, visit



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