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Advances & Applications

New Mexico Selects Sagem Morpho for Statewide Fingerprint System

Sagem Morpho Inc. announces that the New Mexico Department of Public Safety awarded the company its contract to provide its new statewide automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS). The system includes the MetaMorpho automated fingerprint and palmprint identification system and the Sagem Morpho Integrated Livescan System (ILS2) and the Morpho Archive and Retrieval System (MARS).

Angelo Cappuccio, deputy director of the New Mexico Department of Public Safety’s Technical and Emergency Support Division, said, “Sagem Morpho’s proposal and initial implementation efforts in response to New Mexico’s AFIS requirements have been exceptional in terms of fulfilling our needs and providing a sound basis for future system development.”

MetaMorpho is designed to provide fast, reliable, accurate AFIS technology in a system that can adapt to long-term customer needs. MetaMorpho is engineered to support multimodal biometric identification capabilities, including fingerprint, palmprint, iris, and facial.

The Sagem Morpho ILS2 is designed to incorporate live-scan images from rolled and flat fingerprints as well as palmprints and store these records at 1,000 pixels per inch. The Morpho Archive and Retrieval System (MARS), is designed to provide fully searchable electronic storage for fingerprints and palmprints.

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California Agency Takes Delivery of Mobile Command Center

Mobile Command Centers announces that it has delivered a custom-designed, 40-foot command center to the Nevada County, California, Sheriff’s Department to be jointly used by the California Department of Forestry and several area police and fire departments.

The center was built on an M2 Series Freightliner chassis and has a forward conference room with a large table and seating for 12. It has a rear communications room with an 18-inch rearfacing glide room that contains three dispatch stations, each with three 19-inch LCD screens.

Other equipment includes a hidden-arm awning, a 20-kilowatt generator, a color camera mounted on a 42-foot mast, a weather system, two pole-mounted scene lights, an electronic white board, two pull-out radio trays, a floor-to-ceiling radio rack, a bathroom, a kitchenette, roof antenna rails, and basement-style storage.

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Utah Sheriff’s Office Conducts Video Forensic Processing with VideoFOCUS

Salient Stills announces that the Weber County Sheriff’s Office in Utah improved the speed and quality of its video forensic processing after using the company’s VideoFOCUS video analysis product. VideoFOCUS is designed to capture and export digital video, work with proprietary video data formats from security systems, and print images directly.

Weber County investigators frequently analyze video from banks and convenience stores where multiplexed video (a single video with several camera views) is common. Images from video taken during a criminal act can be damaged, noisy, poorly exposed, low-resolution, and shaky. Much of this video comes in a proprietary digital file format. These factors can create extra work for crime video analysts and reduce the likelihood that video evidence will meet the standards of prosecutors and courts.

VideoFOCUS is engineered to make it easier for analysts to solve these problems. Mitch Pillkington, a member of the sheriff’s office’s crime scene investigation team, said demultiplexing, processing speed, and image quality were the main reasons for the switch for Weber County to VideoFOCUS. “As far as VideoFOCUS goes,” Pillkington said, “the end result—the image—is better than our previous system, and from what I’ve seen, better than any of the others.”

“I used to have stacks of videos on my desk at the beginning of every week waiting for me and the machine to get to them,” said Pillkington. “Since we brought in VideoFOCUS, I no longer have a backlog of videos.”

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