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Product Update

December 2013 Exhibitor Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Lighting system

Code 3, Inc., offers the Coordinated Emergency Lighting System (CELS), complete vehicle lighting packages for the Ford PI Utility and Chevy Tahoe. CELS comes in five lighting packages. The CELS control box works with any switching system and takes the programmability of a lightbar and applies it to all of the accessory emergency vehicle lighting equipment. The exterior rear window light, the Citadel, now has NarrowStik functionality with multicolor lightheads that allow for traffic directing capabilities. Synchronization of all of the lightheads is now possible with the CELS system. Four of the five CELS packages include a SuperVisor U for the front windshield, a Citadel for the rear windshield, two MultiColor Par36 fog lights, two MultiColor XT4 side mirror lights, and a CELS control box. The CELS control box has multiple pre-programmed flash patterns. The compact control box is engineered to mount virtually anywhere in the vehicle and weighs only one pound.

For more information, visit

Secure evidence management solution

Kustom Signals, Inc., offers Eyewitness Data Vault, an intuitive secure evidence management solution. The Eyewitness Data Vault can be used in a variety of situations, from a single workstation with several users to a large-scale enterprise-class solution with thousands of users and multiple ingestion sites. It is designed to automatically and securely manage digital evidence locally or across a network. It supports simple and advanced searches, multi-camera synchronous playback, and easy file duplication and provides database access to authorized users over a network. It manages evidence from all Kustom digital in-car, motorcycle, and body-worn videos, in addition to non-proprietary sources for effective and convenient case management. It is compatible with Active Directory and LDAP, easily integrated with established login credentials, and local network and cloud storage ready.

For more information, visit

Award-winning proactive policing and operations management solution

The Public Technology Institute (PTI) awarded the City of Ann Arbor the Technology Achievement Award in the category Public Safety Technology and Emergency Management. The city has successfully set out to fully incorporate the CrimeView Dashboard solution into police operations that have integrated “best crime analysis practices” in an effort to both analyze crime trends and strategically deploy critical police resources. CrimeView Dashboard is a proactive policing and operations management solution that combines multiple data sources into customized views that can be configured to monitor criminal activity related to specific locations or crime trends in near-real time. The dashboard’s flexible organizational framework (briefing books, pages, widgets) provides for custom configuration. This powerful fusion of data and analysis enables new precision crime workflows to optimize daily policing strategies.

For more information, visit

Mobile forensic solution

AccessData Group, Inc. the leading provider of digital forensics, cyber security, and e-discovery software, announced the Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+) v.5.4 software release. With this release, AccessData’s market-leading mobile forensics solution adds iOS 7 devices to its extensive list of supported devices. In addition, this MPE+ release introduces several new advances in iOS device handling. Mobile forensics examiners can now unlock devices using keys that can be found in any computer where the device was previously synced, and examiners can enter known passwords directly into the MPE+ interface to decrypt data on the fly. Furthermore, if an iTunes password is not known, MPE+ can still obtain and extract application data from all caches related to each App Store application installed on the device, MMS, SMS, Contacts, and more.

For more information, visit

Crash scene mapping package

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI), has just released new components to their mapping package that includes an LTI TruPulse 200X laser, BAP data collector, and TruAngle device. The TruPulse 200X is a compact, waterproof laser capable of accuracy within a centimeter that features an illuminated in-scope data display. The rugged, competitively priced BAP unit runs LTI’s QuickMap 3D software. Both of these new additions integrate with the LTI TruAngle, a horizontal angle device that allows investigators to measure most of the crash scene from a single control point. LTI’s products allow departments of all sizes to afford an effective mapping system for their crash scene investigations.

For more information, visit

Software developer's kit

PlateSmart Technologies offers a unique Software Developer's Kit (SDK) that is engineered to allow seamless integration between PlateSmart’s software-only License Plate Recognition (LPR) Technology and any existing video security system. The new SDK will handle the extraction and storage of LPR data from video footage and does not require proprietary hardware/ software packages to function. It provides an LPR portal for any video security system from the smallest surveillance network to the largest and most sophisticated video management system (VMS) on the market. It can work seamlessly with third-party systems and open-standard, off-the-shelf security cameras.

For more information, visit


Zero Motorcycles is releasing three new fleet motorcycles for the 2014 model year— the Zero SP, Zero DSP, and a military spec motorcycle. With the ability to ride both on and off the road, Zero’s fleet program offers unique advantages over internal combustion-driven machines. The 100 percent electric powertrain is nearly silent, exhaust free, produces minimal heat, has instant torque from zero rpm, and is highly maneuverable. With a “fuel” cost of a penny per mile and a maintenance-free powertrain, a Zero offers the ability for governments, agencies, and organizations to save money while also gaining a tactical advantage. The company also announced a new “R” configuration of their award-winning Zero S model that offers riders 56 percent higher torque and 24 percent more power. Available in a new deep red color, the Zero SR offers riders 106 foot-pounds of torque through a wide power band and does 0–60 mph in 3.3 seconds using Zero’s highly efficient direct drive system. The Zero SR, as well as the entire new lineup, includes improved suspension, well-integrated new design elements, and a sleek new dash.

For more information, visit

Traffic management solution app

All Traffic Solutions announces its DriveTimes app that extends the capability of its cloud-based traffic management solution. DriveTimes allows display of travel times for custom routes to be updated constantly on any All Traffic Solutions variable message signs, anywhere, without the need for any fixed speed-sensing infrastructure. This feature allows law enforcement and emergency management to deploy very sophisticated communication tools at a fraction of the cost and complexity of previous alternatives, making it viable for fixed, mobile, or spontaneous use.

For more information, visit



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