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Product Update

April 2014 Product Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.


Kinetic Concealment introduces their new line of hybrid holsters. Unlike traditional leather Kydex hybrid holsters, Kinetic Concealment’s holster has a neoprene backing to the body side of the leather for additional comfort and support. Kinetic Concealment’s patent-pending neoprene backing has a nylon coating on the skin side of the holster. The advantages to having neoprene are multi-purpose. Less moisture is transferred from the body to the gun, protecting the metals of the firearm. The neoprene backing also allows for added comfort for the body and added support for the firearm. The neoprene slides smoothly on any cotton undershirt; furthermore, in the event the user does not have an undershirt, the firearm can still be concealed comfortably with direct-to-skin holster contact. The use of Chicago-Style screw sets allows the user to remove all elements of the holster attachments for easy cleaning of the leather neoprene pad.

For more information, visit

Brief on toxic consequences
Aristatek, Inc., a leading provider of hazardous materials planning and response solutions, has prepared a written brief detailing the consequences of toxins in smoke plumes from spilled crude oil in response to the numerous railcar disasters that have recently taken place in the United States and Canada. The company will make this brief available at no cost to HazMat teams, fire departments and fire marshals, sheriffs, LEPC/EMA officials, or any other public safety or health professionals to assist in their responsibility to protect their communities. The document is available to those that visit the company’s website.

For more information, visit

Android app
Mobile Innovations Corporation announces the launch of MPATrack for Android smartphones and tablets. The new Android app is an enterprise solution that extends the visibility of officers in the field by making their whereabouts known to dispatch at a glance on their PC screen every couple of minutes. MPATrack sends precise GPS coordinates from the officer’s Android to dispatch at regular intervals and represents officers as color-coded badges on a map on the dispatcher’s PC screen. This lets the dispatcher and other HQ staff know exactly where each officer or group is easily, rapidly, and accurately. If an officer is in trouble or an incident requires immediate attention, the dispatcher knows at a glance where the closest available help is. The MPATrack app is headless—it runs invisibly on the field officer’s smartphone in the background with no Graphic User Interface—and sends updated GPS location data from the smartphone every two to three minutes, depending on configuration.

For more information, visit

Telescoping surveillance video mast

Venture Tec LLC introduces the improved MVS telescoping mobile video surveillance system. The MVS System is a vehicle-mounted telescopic video mast used in numerous police applications. Improvements include higher zoom capability, continuous pan rotation, and finer pan and tilt control along with a larger and brighter display. The mobile DVR now provides live or recorded video to a remote command center. These improvements will enhance usability and detail in tactical surveillance situations.

For more information, visit

Cloud-based video surveillance security system
Iveda announces that it has been named prime contractor for the deployment of a private cloud video surveillance security system at a new entertainment and multi-use development and construction project in the southeast region of the United States. The project is scheduled to break ground in the first quarter of this year. Per the signed agreement, Iveda may not disclose the specific nature or location of the project until such information is publicly released by the development company. Under the terms of the multiyear agreement, during and after the construction phase, Iveda will design and implement a private cloud-based system that will integrate the video surveillance of multiple facilities within the 10,000-acre development project.

For more information, visit

Pelco by Schneider Electric and Oncam Grandeye announces their partnership to deliver the Evolution 360-degree camera range to global customers that provides unprecedented situational awareness. With this new product offering, Pelco continues to expand its IP camera solutions and meet customers’ needs by incorporating Oncam Grandeye’s 360-degree technology and unique, patented de-warping software to provide a camera range with total situational awareness. The de-warping feature allows users to go back in time to retrospectively view the total scene in its original form and then pan, tilt, or zoom (PTZ) within the 360-degree image, as if it were a live image. In addition, multiple users can view the same live or recorded image, with different perspectives, concurrently from a single camera.

For more information, visit">

Portable surveillance System

Due to the overwhelming demand for high-quality, reliable portable video surveillance, Total Recall Corporation is proud to announce the release of the New CrimeEye Rapid Deployment unit. The CrimeEye RD requires no tools to install. The enclosure is designed to protect the camera in the transport mode. This eliminates the need to pack in an external case. It is a light-weight self-contained unit that one person can deploy on almost any type of pole in minutes. This unit will record locally as well as stream to a remote storage device. It can be accessed via Wi-Fi, cellular, or private network. The operator has the ability to control the camera remotely, as well as view a live stream from almost any mobile device.

For more information, visit

Zero Motorcycles begins initial deliveries of its impressive new all-electric 2014 model line with up to 171 miles range and 106 ft. lbs. of torque. Zero Motorcycles is releasing three new fleet motorcycles for the 2014 model year—the Zero SP (street police), Zero DSP (dual sport police), and a military spec motorcycle. With the ability to ride both on and off road, Zero’s fleet program offers unique advantages over internal combustion-driven machines. The 100 percent electric powertrain is nearly silent, exhaust free, produces minimal heat, has instant torque from zero rpm, and is highly maneuverable. With a “fuel” cost of a penny per mile and a maintenance-free powertrain, a Zero offers the ability for governments, agencies, and organizations to save money while also giving them a tactical advantage.

For more information, visit

Online training program
John E. Reid and Associates has developed a three-hour online training program for investigators that teaches interviewing and interrogation skills. This training is designed for those individuals who are unable to attend a live training program. This seven-part, online training program was specifically designed for a wide variety of investigators, including law enforcement, government, and the private sector. This program will provide investigators with a solid foundation in the Reid Technique: how to structure the investigative interview utilizing both investigative and behavior-provoking questions; how to assess the credibility of the information provided by a subject during the interview process; and the Reid Nine Steps of Interrogation.

For more information, visit

Audio-visual and multimedia equipment
AmpliVox gained notice in 2013 for several new products that made technological advances extremely user-friendly. The Visionary Multimedia Lectern creates more dynamic presentations through a simple plug-and-play connection that directly displays graphics from a laptop on an integrated front panel screen, eliminating the need for projector screens in conference rooms and other small venues. AmpliVox’s Universal Bluetooth Audio Receiver wirelessly streams music from computers, smartphones, or tablets to any AmpliVox speaker system with an auxiliary input jack. A retro standby—the Boombox—received attention for AmpliVox’s combination of old and new technologies, enabling consumers to use a single portable unit to play audio from MP3s, CDs, radio, and even cassette tapes.

For more information, visit

Rugged high-definition camera
Stream, a new rugged HD camera is now available for local law enforcement. Similar to GoPro, Stream’s small form factor makes it accessible for police. The device is designed to meet IP67 environmental standards and is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. Unlike GoPro, Stream gives law enforcement access to an entirely open API, which means they can build on top of the platform and customize their security system. The technology is already being used by police units in a variety of body-worn forms.

For more information, visit

Tool kit for public safety bomb squads
Mistral Security, Inc. (MSI) has recently unveiled its new VBIED Tool Kit to address the growing demand for a common set of efficient tools in order to allow deployment of bomb squad robots down-range to engage explosive and IED threats on vehicles while maintaining a safe, stand-off distance from the threat. A one-of-a-kind solution, the VBIED Tool Kit addresses the requirements of bomb squads to effectively gain access into a suspect vehicle’s passenger compartment, trunk, engine compartment or cargo bay, either by cutting metal profiles or locks, breaking windows or unlocking or prying open doors and latches. ♦

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