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Advances & Applications

3i Infotech to Automate San Jose Police Department’s Citation Process
3i Infotech, a provider of mobile and wireless applications for state and local governments, announced that it has been selected by the San José Police Department to provide the mobile applications for the city’s Electronic Citation Project. By early 2007 the agency’s paper-based citation process will be replaced with an automated solution where up to 600 police officers will begin to issue, collect, and record citations for traffic violations and other infractions.

The City Council of San Jose voted unanimously to automate the police department’s citation process in order to streamline the data collection process in the field and improve the department’s efficiency. 3i Infotech is scheduled to provide a complete end-to-end solution on a single platform designed to improve data quality and reliability across the county. 3i Infotech has partnered with MobileFrame and Intermec to offer this end-to-end solution.

Officers will use handheld computers to process citations and send the information through a batch transfer process to a police database. With the implementation of 3i Infotech’s solution, the San Jose Police Department expects to dramatically improve data collection accuracy by centralizing data entry points into a single application. This will give officers real-time access to records and statistics and maximize time available for other duties.

“The San Jose Police Department will leverage technology to improve the efficiency of the citation process, said San Jose Police Chief Robert L. Davis. “3i Infotech’s solution will dramatically decrease the number of errors and avoid the need to enter data into two systems. The technology will also provide us with the ability to access citation data during critical investigations.”

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Massachusetts City Fights Crime with Network Solution from Firetide and Axis Communications
Firetide Inc., a developer of wireless multi-service mesh technology, and Axis Communications, a provider of network video solutions, announced a strategic partnership to deliver high-quality video over wireless mesh networks. The two companies also announced a joint public safety deployment in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Firetide’s mesh technology is designed to allow security and network professionals to install and operate Axis network cameras, video servers, and video management software virtually anywhere, indoors and outdoors, without the expense and physical limitations of wires or cabling. The system is engineered not to require any modification or additional configuration of the video equipment.

In Massachusetts, the Haverhill Police Department, working with iAffari Inc., a local integrator, selected Firetide and Axis for its own video surveillance system. Initially installed in a small, high-crime area downtown, the solution consists of Firetide HotPort outdoor and indoor wireless mesh nodes and Axis 214 PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) and Axis 211 fixed cameras. The cameras, connected directly to the HotPort nodes, are designed to offer remote viewing and can store 10 days of recorded digital video. Designed for rapid deployment, the entire system was up and running in about an hour. The area of coverage will continue to grow and develop. One police cruiser has a mesh node, and plans call for the installation of additional nodes into other cruisers as well.

“We are really pleased with how quickly and easily the whole system went up,” said Police Chief Alan R. DeNaro. “We’re already seeing results and with this system we can also record evidence for the police department. With budget cuts and reduced manpower, it’s another set of eyes, and anytime you have more eyes out there it helps.”

Once installed, Firetide’s mesh nodes automatically connect to each other to form multiple wireless links to each node. These redundant paths increase the network’s coverage and reliability even around tall buildings or large vehicles.

In addition to network cameras, Axis also provides video servers that convert analog camera and recorder signals to digital information for distribution over IP networks, including Firetide wireless mesh networks. This enables security professionals to modernize existing CCTV systems rather than making them obsolete.

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New Hampshire State Police Select Memex to Help Agencies Share Information
Memex Inc., a provider of intelligence management and analysis solutions, today announced a statewide intelligence-led policing initiative in New Hampshire. On behalf of the Department of Safety and the New Hampshire State Police, the state selected Memex to provide a criminal-intelligence system that will aid terrorism investigations across the state.

“The ability to communicate and share terrorism intelligence among partner agencies has never been more important,” said Lieutenant David Cargill, commander of the New Hampshire State Police Intelligence Unit. “The Memex system is a strategic tool in managing terrorism intelligence information, accessing that information at a moment’s notice and providing it to the law-enforcement officers on the street.”

The statewide multijurisdictional terrorism intelligence management system is designed to allow the New Hampshire State Police and partner agencies to gather, collate, track, analyze, and disseminate terrorism intelligence information, including counterterrorism tips and leads. The system also will be used to counteract conventional criminal activity, including street gang activity, organized crime, money laundering, and high-volume crimes.

The Memex system is designed to provide analysis and visualization tools across existing intelligence databases while providing standard functions for the gathering and management of terrorism intelligence and information in accordance with federal and local guidelines.

In addition, the flexibility of the Memex system provides a secure platform for developing multijurisdictional information sharing initiatives with law enforcement partners across New Hampshire and beyond.

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