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Advances & Applications

Patron Systems to Help Create ARMS for Nashville Area

Patron Systems, a leading provider of enterprise software to create, manage, and share electronic forms and messages, announces its involvement in a 14-month, $4.4 million contract with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) to build an advanced records management system (ARMS) that will eventually serve more than 80 regional agencies. Patron Systems was awarded a place in the partnership due to the company’s expertise in the area of e-forms technology.

Patron Systems will apply its FormStream Mobile solution to help construct the automated field-reporting component of the ARMS system. FormStream is used by law enforcement and public safety entities to substitute paper forms with secure electronic forms for automated field reporting. The FormStream solution is designed to automate the form-filing process by providing secure electronic form creation, movement, and management capabilities. FormStream Mobile extends the power of FormStream to remote PCs and will automate incident reporting for MNPD officers in the field.

Advanced Technology Systems Inc. is the lead contractor on the project and will oversee information systems. Denali Solutions will oversee records management, the Omega Group will oversee geographic information systems, and DataWorks Plus will oversee Web-based mug-shot capture and retrieval.
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Hungarian National Police Buy Thermal Imaging Cameras

Bullard and Opgal Optronics Industries announce that the Hungarian National Command of the Border Guard and the Hungarian National Police, under the auspices of the Hungarian Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement, purchased 157 Bullard TacSight SE35 cameras. Bullard and Opgal Optronics Industries codeveloped the cameras specifically for law enforcement applications.

The purchase was financed through the Schengan Fund to improve border control and reduce illegal immigration into that nation. The Schengan Fund, created after 30 countries signed the Schengan Agreement in 1985, focuses on preparing signatory countries to effectively protect the European Union’s borders and national security.
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Florida County to Integrate RMS with help from Tiburon

CompuDyne Corporation announces that Volusia County, Florida, has signed a $500,000 contract with CompuDyne’s public safety and justice unit, Tiburon Inc., to provide integration of the sheriff department’s records management system with the county’s regional criminal justice information system (CJIS).

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Department will be operating a regional law enforcement records management system to be installed by Tiburon in November 2007. Local law enforcement agencies will use this regional database to store information related to arrests, citations, contacts, incidents, pawned property, and more, while maintaining their own data and security parameters. The system will be designed to allow authorized law enforcement officials to link related incidents and perpetrators, locate stolen property, and indicate crime patterns and trends across jurisdictional boundaries.

“The ability to share information between our 17 law enforcement municipalities, the county government, the clerk’s office, the state attorney, and the court systems is paramount,” says George Conlon, director of information systems for the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. “With the CJIS interface developed by Tiburon, the door to interagency communications and data flow is now open.”
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Texas Public Safety Agency Partners with L-1 Identity Solutions

L-1 Identity Solutions Inc. announces that the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) made initial purchases of more than 100 criminal booking systems from the company. The system includes the TouchPrint Enhanced Definition 3800 live scan system for fingerprint recognition from Identix and integrated video mug shot capabilities powered by FaceIt software.

The public safety department will use the systems to expand and upgrade its statewide live scan network by incorporating finger-based biometric images with integrated video mug shot capabilities. All units will be shipped and installed by the end of 2007 at various sheriffs’ offices across Texas, including those on the Mexican border.

Identity solutions from L-1 are designed to capture high-quality images for accurate identification search results. The TouchPrint Enhanced Definition 3800 live scan system, for example, is engineered to ignore moisture, dirt, residue, and latent prints left behind on the platen. Elimination of these and other variables can lower Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems rejection rates and decrease the cost of ownership. ■
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