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Product Update

Gun sight

Trijicon Inc. offers the new Trijicon ACOG TA33 gun sight. This new 3x30mm model is designed for law enforcement and military applications. This rugged, dependable aiming system is available with bullet drop–compensated (BDC) reticles calibrated to the trajectory of .223 and .308 cartridges and is engineered to provide precision aiming for targets out to 600 meters. The extended eye relief allows the TA33 to be mounted on larger-caliber weapons, giving the marksman ample eye relief for all shooting positions. The new TA33 uses Trijicon’s patented fiber optics and tritium-based technology, providing a dual illuminated reticle. The ACOG TA33 is battery-free and features a red or amber chevron aiming point. This sight takes advantage of the innovative Bindon aiming concept (BAC). In tandem with scope magnification, this revolutionary both-eyes-open aiming method provides the shooter with target acquisition and increased hit potential.

The ACOG TA33 weighs less than seven ounces, including the mount. A forged, 7075-T6 aluminum alloy housing gives it durability, and multicoated lenses provide maximum optical performance in any light. The parallax-free TA33 is designed to be internally adjustable and waterproof (to a depth of 328 feet/100 meters, five times the military requirement) and is nitrogen-filled to eliminate fogging.

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Radio Dispatch
Radio dispatch console

Modular Communications introduces an advanced Ethernet Internet Protocol (IP) Network (VoIP) and Interoperability. It is designed to allow multiple Moducom dispatch locations to be connected to any other dispatch center system. Operator positions from one dispatch center, consisting of a Windows PC and UltraCom software, can function as remote operator positions to other dispatch centers’ systems without the need to reconfigure hardware. Moducom is completely field programmable and offers free software upgrades with no hidden maintenance fees. Everything is built into one digital system in the United States.

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Key chain knife

Buck Knives introduces the Model 756 Transport key chain knife, featuring safety-locking action, colorful handles, and a bottle opener. The 11/4 -inch drop-point blade locks open and closed to prevent accidental deployment. Closed, it is 27/8 inches long and weighs one ounce. The translucent nylon handle comes in a range of colors and has a lanyard/key chain hole at the butt end. The locking system is designed to be activated by a button on the side of the handle for easy one-hand open and closing action.

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Barricade Tape
Barricade tape

Limit access to your restricted areas while communicating your message with Banner Guard barricade tapes from Reef Industries. These printed barricade tapes are highly visible and are designed to be a convenient and cost-effective means to temporarily control and secure identified areas such as crime and fire scenes, construction sites, chemical and industrial plants, and road work. The tape is made from reusable, nonadhesive, pigmented polyethylene and is an environmentally friendly, heavy metal–free product available in four grades. This tape is durable and can be installed by wrapping, tying, stapling, hanging, or nailing them in many ways without tearing. It conforms to OSHA, ANSI, and ISO safety codes and is available in red or yellow. (Other colors may be available upon request.) Most imprints are available for immediate shipment.

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Public safety suite

SunGard HTE announces the availability of the OSSI Public Safety Suite, including software for computer-aided dispatch (CAD), records management system (RMS), mobile computing technology (MCT), mobile field reporting (MFR), and Internet technology (INT). Police departments using this suite will now share information across divisions. It is engineered to grant instant access to data, thereby enabling departments to lower response times, solve cases faster, and help reduce crime while increasing officer safety. Because critical information will be right at their fingertips, officers will have the ability to stay connected with their department as well as community businesses and citizens—creating vibrant, efficient, and safe places to live.

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Crime analysis software

The Omega Group announces the availability of CrimeView Community, the next generation of crime analysis software. Through a Web browser, users can access and map crime incidents occurring anywhere in their jurisdiction.

CrimeView Community is designed to improve self-reliance among community members and also to help reduce the number of inquiries police departments receive regarding crime incidents. Community policing efforts are enhanced by giving the civilian population direct access to information about incidents occurring in their neighborhood. For example, the application can be used at Neighborhood Watch meetings. Users can choose the specific type of incident, search by address, view buffers around school sites, and specify the date range to be viewed. The resulting map can be printed as needed, and both a detailed report and a summary are available.

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Night vision monocular

ITT Night Vision’s product, the versatile Generation 3 PVS-14, is designed to allow the user to adjust gain control in varying light conditions. The monocular uses a military-style intensifier tube in a compact, high-performance housing designed for multiple uses. This unit can be held in the hand, mounted on the head or on a weapon, or adapted to a camera or camcorder. Generation 3 technology provides superior resolution and reliability.

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Photo management software

LYNX Digital Photo Management Software is designed to handle the toughest digital photo needs for law enforcement; create and manage a secure, searchable, high-speed, archived photo database; and organize photos by date, case number, or detailed description. The software package allows users and groups to control what cases and images can be accessed, and if access is available, control features. Passwords protect slide shows, so that redlined photographic evidence can be shared with defense attorneys by e-mail. The software allows users to seamlessly integrate digital photos, video, and audio with record management systems, using 256-bit encryption within a Microsoft SQL database to ensure that no matter where the photo goes, its authenticity will be beyond reproach. Photos managed in the system are encrypted and cannot be viewed without LYNX Enterprise and the correct username, password, and security permissions.

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Case tracking software

Handel IT has introduced a program called RiteTrack that is engineered to simplify the work of probation officers and detention staff. If a person is sent to detention, RiteTrack assists detention staff in conducting the detention intake process and generates the appropriate forms for the detainee to sign. RiteTrack also assigns a probation officer to each case; throughout the legal process, this probation officer receives electronic notifications about relevant events such as court hearings, release from detention, appointments, and so on. In this fashion, RiteTrack routes each individual case along its proper path through the criminal justice system.

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