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Product Update

Body armor

Point Blank announces its Dragon Fire tactical vest. Engineered through years of research and development, the vest provides protection from explosive fragmentation and ballistic threats. Dragon Fire also features a patented Self-Suspending Ballistic System (SSBS). The SSBS ensures that the ballistic panels remain completely suspended, thereby preventing problems with sagging, bunching, and rolling that arise in other vests. In addition, the shock-absorbing shoulder straps help to distribute weight evenly, minimize shoulder strain, and make the vest more comfortable to wear. The Rapid Release Break Away System is designed to allow split-second removal of the vest in just two quick movements without complicated wires, cables, or buckles. Additional features include a removable 2-piece collar design adapted from military specifications, as well as enhanced throat, bicep, and retractable groin protection. Multiple sizing points in both the shoulders and waist allow the officer to adjust the fit of the vest.
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Self-defense spray

Security Equipment Corporation introduces SABRE Jogger self-defense spray. It is designed to provide accurate, effective protection for joggers, walkers, and in-line skaters at a moment’s notice. The spray unit delivers a ballistic stream containing capsaicinoids, CS tear gas, and marking dye designed to incapacitate attackers up to 10 feet away. This stream delivery allows the user to target the subject’s eyes while decreasing wind blowback, making it effective for outdoor use. The potent combination of ingredients turns up the heat on even the most aggressive attackers, causing severe burning and irritation of the eye, mouth, nasal passages, and skin. The marking dye helps police identify and apprehend assault suspects. The spray comes in a lightweight, compact canister and fits in the palm of your hand. The included adjustable strap keeps it in your hand and positioned for immediate use. The spray packs approximately 35 shots.
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9-1-1 call record database

InterAct Public Safety Systems announces HyperionCDR, an e-CDR module of HyperionMIS engineered to organize call detail records into an electronic database, storing call records electronically and allowing data to be sent to existing serial and parallel-connected printers. It is accessed via a standard Web browser (Internet access is not required—only a LAN connection to the computer). Other system requirements are as follows: Microsoft XP–compatible computer, recommended 2.6 GHz processor, 512MB RAM, an 80GB hard drive, and one serial port to capture data.
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Radar Sign
Radar speed sign

Traffic Logix Inc., of Spring Valley, New York, announces the release of two radar speed signs designed to complement the company’s existing line of rubber traffic-calming devices. The signs use unique optical technology that allows them to operate at only 30 percent of the power supply while providing optimal luminance even in poor visibility conditions.
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Pan focus camera

Sanyo’s new Pan Focus cameras are designed to provide users and systems designers with an advantage: the ability to implement superior imaging technology on an analog platform with the ability to easily convert the cameras for networked operation. The transformation from an analog to a networked platform requires the simple addition of an IP board to the cameras. The conversion is engineered to be fast and easy and can be performed in the field. The cameras use deep focusing techniques to provide continuous focus across the entire field of view—from the foreground to the background—maintaining clear focus across the entire frame. This focusing ability increases the coverage capabilities of the cameras and can substantially reduce the number of cameras required for advanced video surveillance applications.
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School inspection system

Zistos Corporation introduces the WalkAbout WA-SIS school inspection system. This system is engineered to facilitate quick and thorough inspections of hard-to-search areas in a campus environment. Individuals who are engaged in criminal activities or who intend to do harm often hide weapons, explosives, and other contraband for later retrieval. These easily missed areas often require more time, manpower, and equipment to search thoroughly. The WA-SIS system includes a body-worn video display equipped with a self-illuminating, submersible videocamera on a five-foot pole, allowing inspectors to view locations that are difficult to access, such as areas above suspended ceilings or under bathroom fixtures, hidden ledges, and waste receptacles.
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FoxFury has newly released its Command Series headlamps, ultraslim LED headlamps that can be worn on the forehead or can fit 99 percent of helmets designed for law enforcement, rescue, or industrial purposes. The Command comes with either 10 or 20 LEDs—your choice—and has three different modes (brightness levels). In the center of the lamp are two or four ultrabright LEDs to provide 30 percent more lighting within 30 feet (9 meters), ideal for close-up work. The Command Series Tactical is engineered to be ergonomic, fitting the forehead or helmet comfortably, and to be impact and water resistant. The battery pack, delivering 40 or 80 hours of battery life (for Command 10 and Command 20 models, respectively), is designed for use with four AA batteries and has a blinking red LED in the rear for increased safety and visibility.
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Tactical riflescopes

Bushnell expands its line of tactical riflescopes with the introduction of two new Elite scopes: the Elite 4200 6-24 x 50mm and Elite 3200 5-15 x 40mm. These scopes feature mil dot reticles, large turrets with resettable zero, and audible click-stop windage and elevation adjustments. The Elite 6-24 x 50mm provides bright, clear images with its larger 50mm objective and fully multicoated optics, while the Elite 5-15 x 40mm is a lighter scope that is well suited for tactical firearms. A permanent water-repellent coating applied to the objective and ocular lenses is designed to prevent fogging from rain, snow, or sudden temperature changes. For durability, all Elite 4200 and 3200 series riflescopes are constructed with titanium-reinforced tubes and are recoil tested to 10,000 rounds of a .375 H&H. They are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.
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Cole Hersee Company offers its new 58336 Locking Rocker Switch. The switch automatically locks in the off position, and a slider must be actuated before the switch can be turned on. Useful for emergency vehicle applications that require an additional level of safety, the switch offers a bright orange actuator that allows users to easily view if the switch is locked. The Locking Rocker Switch is designed to be weather resistant and provides SPST on-off configuration. The switch offers a matte black finish housing, bezel, and actuator and has a rating of 25A at 12V DC.
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Computer upgrade

Panasonic Computer Solutions Company, manufacturer of Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers and digital video recording (DVR) solutions for public safety agencies, announces an upgrade to its Toughbook Arbitrator system, with more video storage and enhancements for managing video evidence. The Toughbook Arbitrator is a solid-state digital video recording system engineered specifically for the rigors of public safety. The latest upgrade adds new capabilities through Insight Video Net’s I-Vision Central Management System (CMS) to archive, search, manage, and track video evidence. Because events captured on the Arbitrator have varying levels of importance, agencies are now able to categorize video in CMS by type of incident and apply different standards to how long each is stored. In addition, the new 16-gigabyte storage card doubles the Arbitrator’s video capacity.
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Spill Cloths
Spill control

Andax introduces its new color-coded Spill Control System. Its color coding is designed to help identify a spill and attack it with the appropriate Spill Pac. Portable Spill Pacs hang on a rugged Pac Rac for staging where they are needed most. Each Pac comes with a highly visible color-coded label (two inches by four inches), which can be placed on machinery or equipment for which a specific spill control product may be needed. Spill Pacs contain spills of up to ten gallons and prevent larger spills from spreading. They are vacuum-packed in a tough, foil-laminated bag and measure 18 inches by 18 inches by 3 inches. Andax Pacs are designed to clean up chemical/hazmat leaks and spills, battery acid and other caustic liquids, oil and oil-based fluids, or even plain old water.■
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