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Product Update

Exhibitor Update


FNH USA offers the FN Viper X-11 and the FN Striker-6 tactical flashlights, which are equipped with powerful sixvolt Xenon lights producing 150 peak lumens and are precision machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminum and steel bar stock. The high-temperature borosilicate lenses will not deform under heat like polycarbonate. The lights are modular in design and are engineered to be easily disassembled and reassembled without tools. Another useful feature is the solid hardened-steel impact ring with four horns for emergency glass breaking.

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Electronic incapacitation projectile

Launched from most standard 12-gauge shotguns, the TASER eXtended Range Electronic Projectile (XREP) is designed to deliver TASER Neuro Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) in a wireless, self-contained projectile system weighing only half an ounce. Torsion spring fins extend when the XREP is deployed for spin-stabilized accuracy. The range of the projectile runs from 0 to 65 feet, and it is powered by a lithium battery. The XREP can function in temperatures between –50° F (–20° C) and 122° F (50° C).

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Body Armor
Body armor for women

BAE Systems announces the launch of the new SAVVY line of body armor to provide precision fit, bullet-resistant vests for female law enforcement officers. Currently, SAVVY offers two concealable options, the Retro and the Flair. Both offerings feature all-woven aramid materials for added flexibility and incorporate SAVVY’s 4-point cup positioning for an exact bust (apex) alignment. SAVVY’s vests are protected by waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex fabric and have an interior lining of Anti-Microbial Yarn (A.M.Y.), which helps to reduce bacteria, mold, and fungi.

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Inspection software

Decatur Electronics, Inc., has unveiled inspection software designed to allow quick and easy in-the-field data entry as well as back-office analysis and record keeping through a partnership with Sybatech, Inc. The CodePal software suite has been designed specifically for inspectors and may be used in a variety of applications, ranging from fire department inspections to municipal building code inspections as well as industrial, educational, and other inspection-based applications. Administrative staff can schedule and plan inspections as well as access a database of inspection history for a particular location.

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Crime mapping software

New Jersey-based Enforsys, Inc., introduces LUCID, which stands for Logical Understanding of Common Incident Data. LUCID uses patent-pending algorithms to quickly analyze real-world incident data to map criminal acts, detect possible patterns and irregularities, and predict where and when similar events may occur. Source data can be based on intelligence, computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and records management system (RMS) data, gang data, evidence data, motor vehicle records, Census Bureau data, weather, time, or any other pertinent variable.

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Fingerprint identification system

NEC Corporation of America introduces Integra-ID, a next-generation automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) built on an open, standards-based architecture and designed with law enforcement feedback. Additional key benefits of Integra-ID include a dynamic workflow management functionality, allowing for workflow changes without system interruption; a unified database and integrated archive to bridge the gap between identification and investigation; an integrated workstation that provides access to all AFIS functions via a unified user interface; and quicker system deployments to save time and money.

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Speed Radar
Laser speed detector

Laser Technology, Inc., announces the LTI 20/20 TruSpeed, which follows on the heels of the Marksman and UltraLyte series laser speed detection devices. The TruSpeed offers speed accuracy within one mile per hour and a range of 2,000 feet. It also offers features such as a weather mode, which is designed to increase performance in inclement weather; simple operation with dedicated function keys; and a quick self-check, which validates proper internal functionality for operator confidence.

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Truck bed storage

Secure enough for everyday storage but designed to handle the most extreme weather conditions, the Backcountry Extreme TruckVault features a rugged spray-on liner which provides a scratch-resistant, water-resistant seal for the gear within; dual aluminum slides for gurneys and stretchers; numerous tie-down locations to secure additional gear atop the TruckVault; and secure Vector Locks, which help provide the weather-tight seal around the drawer faces. The Backcountry Extreme TruckVault is available for all makes and models of pickup truck.

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Gunfire detector

The Vehicle Acoustic Area Protection System (VAAPS) by Austrade is designed to provide an ability to detect gunfire, classify the weapon by type, and localize the origin of the attacker. The VAAPS utilizes the Acoustic Threat Localisation System (ATLS) algorithms developed for the Australian Army. Tests have proven the ability of the system to operate successfully in a reverberant environment and when multiple shooters fire simultaneously. The VAAPS is engineered to provide continuous, 360-degree passive surveillance of the vehicle’s vicinity and provide detection and classification of gunshots in real time to an operator.

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Safety flare

StacoSwitch now offers a commercial grade, nonincendiary safety flare Series A3 for professional and emergency use. It is built to endure heavy impacts and to withstand the weight of cars and trucks. There are no toxic fumes emitted, no chemicals to clean up, and no burn damages to repair from using the safety flare. The flare is environmentally friendly and does not produce any open flames. It can be used safely around gas and oil spills. It is designed to be extremely bright, highly visible, and weatherproof.

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Mobile field reporting software

Patron Systems, Inc., announces Form-Stream 3.1 mobile field reporting software, a significant dot release engineered to deliver increased usability and flexibility through enhanced report management, dynamic mobile report administration, and heightened performance. FormStream software allows secure electronic form creation and completion, advanced forms routing, notification, and process management capabilities in a mobile environment. It is designed to replace the time-consuming process of completing paper reports manually and sending them from channel to channel until they reach the records management system.■

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