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Fourth IACP South American Executive Policing Conference, in Porto Alegre, Brazil

By Paul E. Santiago, Director of International Policing Division, IACP

IACP President Joseph M. Polisar
IACP President Joseph M. Polisar

he Fourth IACP South American Executive Policing Conference was held in Porto Alegre, Brazil, last month, and by all accounts it was a great professional experience for the delegates. The Brazilian coordinator and liaison to the IACP reported that the three-day event drew 585 conference attendees, 76 speakers, 900 exhibitor support personnel, 371 organizing support personnel, 112 members of the press, 1,320 exhibits-only visitors, and 1,088 workshop participants.

Conference hosts Jose Otavio Germano, state secretary of justice and public safety for the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and Germano Rigotto, governor of the state, welcomed delegates to the conference. Conference coordination was executed through the office of the state secretary of justice and public safety by Fabio Medina Osorio, the department's deputy secretary, and by Lieutenant Colonel Joao Carlos Trindade Lopes, the department's director of institutional relations, with the support of Rio Grande do Sul's law enforcement entities. General Athos Costa de Faria, secretary of public safety for the Federal District of Brasilia and IACP's world regional chair for South America, provided general stewardship for the conference organizers from its inception in 2003. Assisting General Athos was the IACP world regional office secretary, Lieutenant Colonel Nelson Werlung Garcia.

Fourth IACP South American
From left to right: Eugene Cromartie, Gwen Boniface, Russell Laine, General Athos Costa de Faria, Joseph Carter, Germano Rigotto, Joseph Polisar, Julian Fantino, and Luc Closset.
Traditionally, our international executive policing conferences have consisted of plenary sessions, this conference in Brazil continued for a second year the practice of satellite workshops, of which there were 22 offered this year. In addition, it followed the practice of the annual IACP conference of facilitating other gatherings of police professionals to conduct meetings pertinent to their organizations. The Porto Alegre conference hosted, for the second time ever, the Brazil national councils, which comprises leaders of police organizations representing the 27 states of Brazil. Councils holding tandem meetings included the following: the National Council of State Secretaries of Public Safety, the National Council of the General Commanders of State Military Police and Fire Brigade Corps, the Federal Highway Police Regional Superintendents meeting, the National Council of the State Civil Police Chiefs, and the Directors of State Traffic Departments meeting.

The topics addressed in the conference were varied. Presenters included the following:

  • Luiz Fernando Correa, national secretary of public safety, who spoke on the subject of strategies of the Brazilian National Public Safety System

  • Baltasar Garzon, a judge from Spain who spoke on the traditional criminal prosecution in the European judicial system and the role of the criminal investigator vis-à-vis that of the role of the judge, and future changing trends within the European Union of the traditional model

  • Edilson Mogenot Bonfim, a prosecutor from Sao Paulo, Brazil; Vanderiel Salvador Gagnato, a professor at the Optics and Photonics Research Center at the Sao Carlos Physics Institute at the University of Sao Paulo; and Graeme Gerrarld of Scotland Yard, who addressed the use of video cameras in crime control activities

  • Luiz Fernando Delazari, secretary of public safety for the state of Parana, Brazil; Marcelo Veiga Bekhausen, federal attorney in charge of the field office of the state of Rio Grande do Sul; and Valerie Mayne, a specialist in issues facing children under critical situations from Belgium, who considered police action in mediating conflicts involving vulnerable groups

  • Ruben Rodriguez, director of the International Center of Missing and Exploited Children, and Guillermo Galarza, also of the center, who discussed crimes related to missing and exploited children enabled by the use of computers and the Internet

  • Superintendent Luc Borton, director of the Department of Investigations of Wavre Police, Belgium; General Jose Bernales Ramirez, director of police intelligence for the Carabiniero in Chile; and General Jose Antonio Caruso, director of intelligence for the Gendarmerie of Argentina, who spoke about the use of the police criminal intelligence system to prevent and investigate crimes

The conference attracted delegates from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Uruguay, and others. A significant sponsorship from the Foundation of the Federal University of Santa Maria helped make the conference possible.

INTERSEG, the tradeshow attached to the IACP South American executive policing conference, has grown rapidly in the past four years and contributes significantly to the value of the conference. This year 90 exhibitors participated, interacting with conference delegates and sharing information about their new technologies.

The IACP board and staff were represented by President Joseph Polisar; Third Vice President Joseph Carter; Fifth Vice President Russell B. Laine; Vice President at Large Julian Fantino; International Vice President Luc Closset; General Chair, Division of State and Provincial Police, Gwen Boniface; Deputy Executive Director and Chief of Staff Eugene Cromartie; and Director of International Activities Paul E. Santiago.



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