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Product Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free in-depth information, visit us at, or circle the appropriate Reader Service Numbers on the Reader Response Card (adjacent to the index of advertisers in this issue), and fax or mail the postage-paid card today. Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Police vehicle

Ford Motor Company announces that its new 2008 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor will be offered as a flexible-fuel vehicle (FFV), allowing it to operate on E85 ethanol or gasoline. As police and government agencies move toward becoming more environmentally conscious and seek alternative-fuel vehicles for their fleets, Ford is in the position to fill this need for its police customers. Government agencies that include FFV Police Interceptors on their annual Department of Energy plan can receive credits toward EPACT mandates, increasing their flexibility in vehicle fleet selection and purchases.

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Handheld chemical identification system

Ahura Scientific, Inc., announces its new Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) platform with the introduction of TruDefender FT, a three-pound handheld FTIR system for field-based chemical identification. Optimized for hazmat and military communities, TruDefender FT is designed to enable users to analyze—and act—faster than ever before, with an instrument small enough to fit in a cargo pocket. The onboard hazard database provides safety and treatment information, further speeding appropriate response and medical treatment. TruDefender FT is ergonomically designed for use in protective gear and rugged enough to withstand the rigors of field use.

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GPS tracking device

Millennium Plus Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracking provides a fleet monitoring system with near real-time location updates and detailed reporting features. With its Web-based features, this system is designed to allow users to track a vehicle from any computer that has Internet access and a browser. Once Millennium Plus GPS Tracking is stealthily secured inside a vehicle, users can locate the vehicle, its speed, and direction of travel; retrieve an aerial photograph of the vehicle’s last known location; enable and disable the starter; lock or unlock the doors; and obtain maximum speed notifications.

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Automated discovery software

ZyLAB’s ZyIMAGE eDiscovery Suite enables in-house legal teams to automate the discovery process. With the ZyIMAGE eDiscovery Suite, users can capture, find, analyze, structure, and distribute all data, even e-mail and multimedia. Legal productions can be generated in standard formats. Users can control and secure information sharing and perform redaction. Records can be archived in a scalable, secure, and sustainable XML-based platform. In addition, documents can be arranged, preselected, and eliminated for a more efficient legal review.

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Mapping tool

A collaborative mapping tool developed by the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) is helping emergency management officials better coordinate event and incident planning—and real-time response. The Geographic Tool for Visualization and Collaboration (GTVC) can track chemical or smoke plumes and help management personnel plan evacuation routes for emergencies such as hurricanes, fires, or flooding. To do this, the system tracks resources, including the locations of hospitals, fire stations, schools, nursing homes, sand bags, dump trucks, water, personnel, and supplies in an affected region.

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The aerodynamic WingLux is the newest roof-mounted lightbar from Rontan North America. The innovative design of the WingLux enables full 360-degree visibility and modern styling. Due to the swept-back design of the WingLux, at least three light heads are visible at any given time, even from the sides of the vehicle. Like all Rontan lightbars, the WingLux incorporates high-intensity LED lighting and 100 percent digital technology. The plug-and-play operability and modular design of the lightheads are engineered to facilitate installation, quick color changes, and field upgradeability.

For more information, click here, and check the box for number 45 in the reader response service form.

Explosives tester

Acro, Inc., announces ACRO-N.E.T (Nitro Explosive Tester), an explosive detector for military and commercial explosives. ACRO-N.E.T is capable of identifying the majority of explosives currently in use, such as TNT, Tetryl, TNB, picric acid, dynamite, RDX, PETN, nitrocellulose smokeless powder, C4, Semtex, and others. In addition to military and commercial explosives, ACRO-N.E.T can detect homemade explosives based on nitrate. ACRO-N.E.T is based on a long-proven technology that has been incorporated into Acro’s innovative penlike device.

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Intersection-clearing system

The Federal Signal Rumbler introduces a revolutionary new concept to audible warning. This system has the ability to interact with 100/200-watt siren amplifiers and provide secondary, low-frequency, duplicate tones. Low-frequency tones have the distinct advantage of penetrating and shaking solid materials, allowing vehicle operators and nearby pedestrians to feel sound waves and perhaps even see their effects through a shaking rearview mirror. The Rumbler is designed to be particularly effective when used in dense urban environments with heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

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Wireless network hardware

In Motion Technology provides first responders with communications and interoperability at incident scenes and in transit. The onBoard Mobile Gateway is engineered to create a vehicle area network that enables video, laptops, dispatch, and other devices to work together seamlessly and securely. It senses and selects the best available wireless network to keep users connected and works with all wireless networks, including those in the 700-MHz band. The onBoard Mobility Manager allows users to monitor vehicle health and location.

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Ice remover

Innovation Factory, LLC, announces the IceDozer, an ice scraper designed to be ergonomically safe that combines the design principles of heavy machinery and a flexible blade to make scraping thin or thick ice from automobiles quicker and simpler. The FlexiBlade is engineered to bend to the curvature of a windshield, clearing a much wider swatch of visibility with each pass. The blade is soft enough that it will not scratch glass. A front “snowplow” pushes snow and ice away from the hands. ■

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