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Special Focus: Policing Software

The ever-increasing presence of computers in the law enforcement community has resulted in a proliferation in computer applications to assist with numerous agency functions. Software has been developed to streamline processes, increase uniformity, improve accessibility, and enlarge file storage capacity, among other purposes. As a service to public safety executives faced with countless software options, The Police Chief presents information regarding several products currently available for a variety of tasks and purposes. Photographs and details about the packages were provided by the software makers. (Note: Police Chief or IACP endorsement of products is in no way implied by inclusion in this listing.)

Aegis Public Safety from New World Systems

For more than 25 years, New World Systems’ Aegis Public Safety solutions and experience have met the demanding requirements of public safety agencies. Aegis Public Safety is a fully integrated multijurisdictional suite of applications that increases officer safety, decreases response times, reduces data entry, and streamlines reporting.

Aegis Computer Aided Dispatch offers industry-leading integrated GIS mapping capabilities to make the dispatch process as seamless as possible. Aegis Records Management is a powerful, comprehensive solution that streamlines the process of collecting, storing, and providing mission-critical information. Aegis Mobile Computing leverages Microsoft technology to enhance real-time access to information and communication for officers in the field. Aegis Corrections Management automates daily operations booking and holding of persons in custody, overseeing defendants on pretrial release, and managing sentenced offenders. Web-based Aegis Justice Link provides true interoperability for real-time data sharing.

For more information, visit

AgencyWeb from Orion Communications

A browser-based law enforcement management solution, Orion Communications’ AgencyWeb manages and automates daily law enforcement processes—and goes one step further. The AgencyWeb system serves as a focal point for sharing data across many different platforms. All data are synchronized in real time. As a result, technology gaps are filled and data from multiple systems are shared.

Administrative applications of this software include financial uses such as asset management, billing, and payroll; personnel uses such as dashboard navigation, human resources management, personnel assignments, and applicant processing; and scheduling uses such as shift scheduling, overtime/leave management, subpoena management, and training management. Operational applications include multiagency emergency notification; evidence/property management; dispatch tow management; impound lot management; false-alarm reporting; field reporting; and electronic citations, in addition to sharing typical law enforcement information such as computer-aided dispatch, records management, court management, human resources, payroll, and financial information with other systems.

For more information, call 214-361-1203, extension 2401, or take a tour at

COPLINK from Knowledge Computing Corporation

COPLINK technology allows local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to collect, consolidate, visualize, act on, and share information across all boundaries. It works by allowing vast quantities of structured and seemingly unrelated data to be organized under a single, highly secure, intranet-based platform.

COPLINK software intuitively integrates information from multiple sources, while at the same time preserving the integrity of the original data source. When COPLINK is used to create regional information-sharing networks, each participating agency controls what data are shared as well as with whom and when they are shared, allowing for the creation of ad hoc regional task forces to address specific criminal activity. Through sophisticated analytics, COPLINK builds institutional memory, reduces knowledge gaps, helps generate leads when there were previously none, and prevents criminals from falling through the cracks.

For more information, e-mail or visit


CrimeVision provides law enforcement agencies with a video tool for every officer. Video functions include DeMultiplex, DeInterlace, DeQuad, and editing filters. Image functions include frame average, line shifting, comparative sizing, and editing filters. The video player allows multispeed playback and grab frame.

Officers do not need to be video editors to use CrimeVision; the software is designed specifically for law enforcement professionals. Whether printing a video frame, removing motion blur, or sharpening details, functions are truly straightforward and highly accessible. In addition, the software automatically organizes video and images by case files, details, and notes.

CrimeVision works on standard Windows XP or Vista computers and can be made portable with a notebook computer. It operates with standard AVI video files from any source for maximum flexibility. As a Microsoft DirectX–based application, it works with any Direct Show–compatible video capture device.

For more information, e-mail or visit

CROMS: Collision Reporting & Occurrence Management System from Accident Support Services

The Collision Reporting & Occurrence Management System (CROMS) Web application captures complete collision details and outputs all official provincial collision forms. All fields are searchable, and CROMS can generate numerous statistical reports based on various criteria.

CROMS ensures data consistency with fields that are linked to reduce data entry and designated mandatory fields for completion. Collision locations are pinpointed using the Map Interface for accurate geo-coding (latitude/longitude). Many fields have drop-down selections, which decrease typographical errors. Partner-to-partner data transfer meets individual partner needs. The system is capable of storing and transferring scanned documents and vehicle pictures, generating letters, and permanently recording and time-stamping notes. The centralized database can match incidents reported at different locations and jurisdictions and searches both the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s VIN database and the CPIC to verify the authenticity of a VIN.

CROMS is available free of charge to police from Accident Support Services International Ltd.

For more information, call Steve Sanderson or Bob Gutwein at 877-895-9911 or visit is a low-cost, Web-based neighborhood crime mapping and reporting software package enabling law enforcement agencies to easily manage and control the sharing of crime/call data directly with local communities to reduce and prevent crime.

Near real-time data sharing means that information is available within 24 hours to both community members and an entire agency. The software provides one-click access to crime maps and incident reports that are searchable by incident type, date (or date range), and distance from address. The quick-view analytics tool provides a snapshot view of neighborhood crime activity for the community and law enforcement agencies.

Using existing records management or computer-aided dispatch systems, the software can be set up and integrated in one day. Because it is a hosted solution, there is no hardware, software licensing, support, or maintenance expense. In addition, published data are secure; there are no connections “into” an agency’s network.

For more information, call 888-818-8191, extension 708, or visit

Desk Officer Online Reporting System from Coplogic

Coplogic’s Desk Officer Online Reporting System enables law enforcement agencies to reallocate resources that were once tied up with low-priority calls while increasing the services available to their citizens. The Desk Officer Online Reporting System is a powerful citizen online reporting system that is capable of receiving any type of report the agency desires from citizens; after being reviewed by agency personnel, the reports can be exported into the agency’s records management system. Reports can be collected from citizens in six languages, and agencies can collect supplements, like property lists submitted by citizens, to burglary or other types of reports. The agency also has control over how the system is used, the types of reports that are collected, and what information is required or optional for different types of incidents. The Desk Officer Online Reporting System is designed to be the most robust and comprehensive citizen online reporting system available.

For more information, call 800-734-9293, e-mail, or visit

Digital Evidence Locker from Justice Data Group

The Digital Evidence Locker is uniquely designed to solve the problems of processing, storage, and access for digital files of probative value to agencies and their criminal justice partners while maintaining the integrity of the evidence.

Interoperability with an agency’s records management system allows seamless management of all digital evidence for each case, including audio, video, photographs, and documents. The software provides a reliable collection, reporting, analysis, and information platform, allowing securely distributed, audited access into a unique solution.

Collection procedures, chain-of-custody auditing, file retrieval, and sharing are automated, reducing personnel hours required to retrieve, view files, or process discovery requests. The Digital Evidence Locker does not require proprietary hardware or devices. Cameras, audio recorders, and scanners can be specified by an agency depending on its particular needs and preference. In many cases, existing agency devices and hardware can be utilized, representing a tremendous cost savings.

For more information, call Justice Data Group at 907-790-8822, e-mail, or visit

Employee Records Management (ERM) from MdE

Employee Records Management (ERM) allows an agency to track its training records in one program—employee training, certifications, job qualifications, and more. Developed by MdE, Inc., maker of the ADORE (AutomateD Observation Reports and Evaluations) field training officer software program, ERM is designed to generate status reports that reflect “warnings” for upcoming expiration/renewal requirements; gain access to records that can be restricted based on supervisory positions or subject matter expertise; and allow staff to input class attendance and assign instructor hours for credit easily.

In addition, the Academy/Class module tracks the status of students in basic and in-service training. Contact MdE for more information and a free online demo.

For more information, call 877-500-5396, extension 3, or visit

Expert AutoStats from 4N6XPRT Systems

4N6XPRT Systems is now shipping the 2007 model year release of its premier software product, Expert AutoStats. The 2007 release adds about 1,000 vehicles covering the 2007 and 2008 model years to its dimensional and performance database of vehicles. This release brings the total number of vehicles represented in the Expert AutoStats database to well over 37,000, covering model years from the late 1940s through 2007 and selected 2008 model year vehicles. The database contains standard dimensions such as length, width, wheelbase, and curb weight as well as dimensions such as bumper height, which are of specific interest to accident investigators. The database also includes moments of inertia and center-of-gravity placement, and for the majority of the vehicles from 1970 through the present, the database contains acceleration and braking data.

For more information and to obtain an order form, visit

IAPro from CI Technologies

IAPro, software designed to uphold an agency’s integrity, is used by over 200 public safety agencies in the United States, Canada, and Australia. IAPro assists in identifying potential problems early on, so that proactive action can be taken, and an agency’s reputation protected.

IAPro is designed to ensure the most efficient handling of citizen complaints, administrative investigations, use-of-force reporting, and other types of incidents while providing the means to analyze and identify areas of concern.

The latest release, version 5.1, includes a new module for less-lethal weapons, which allows customers to better track use of Taser and similar discharge devices, enhanced early-intervention functionality, and export of report data to Microsoft Excel.

Customers and prospective customers are welcome to attend the 4th Annual IAPro Users Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, October 28–30, 2008.

For more information, call 800-620-8504 or visit

ID Card Maker from Polaroid

Polaroid’s ID Card Maker software packages offer industry leading ID solutions to businesses of every description—whether a start-up program or an advanced security solution. Just as important, all Polaroid software integrates seamlessly with the company’s advanced printers and capture software, making it simple to get an ID card program up and running. And as an agency’s program grows, ID Card Maker is easily upgradeable to meet the agency’s needs now and in the future.

For more information on the Polaroid ID Card Maker software or an integrated photo ID system, call 866-484-0611, extension 11, or e-mail

Micro-CAM from Moducom

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Moducom introduces its newest product: the Micro-CAM, a low-cost way to add additional operator positions using very little desk space. The Micro-CAM enables a PC that is running the dispatch console software and is connected to the Moducom network to operate as a full operator position, including a touchscreen monitor, headsets/handsets, a microphone, and a footswitch.

The Micro-CAM works in conjunction with Moducom’s UltraCom, the only E-911/Radio Dispatch Console System with no software maintenance fees and free software upgrades—saving thousands over the life of the system. The UltraCom includes built-in features at no additional cost such as a map viewer, automatic and manual diagnostics, phone and radio recall recorders, mapping, logging recorder, and computer-aided dispatch interface. Their enhanced interoperability and voice over Internet (VoIP) with distributed network architecture allows for secure, full operator positions (radio and phone) to be shared among several dispatch center systems.

For more information, call 800-845-0128 or visit

Mobile Video Sharing from Motorola

Share real-time information. Enhance mobility. Improve response.

Motorola presents a video collaboration application designed specifically for public safety users in motion. Mobile Video Sharing allows agencies to stream important video to other responders so they can assess situations in real time, respond effectively based on visual information, and help increase officer safety.

Mobile Video Sharing enables public safety command and control; group sessions enable all group members to see and hear the same information for a common operating picture. The mobile graphic user interface includes an easy-to-use display and controls with one-click buttons enabling quick video sharing setup—so first responders can focus on their mission, not the technology. User status and availability are shared in advance of session sharing. In addition, the application has a custom video codec designed specifically for wireless networks, to overcome the adverse effects of a wireless environment.

For more information, call 800-367-2346 or visit

OSSI Mobile Product Suite from SunGard

When critical information is needed right away, SunGard Public Sector’s OSSI Mobile Product Suite is designed to deliver information when and where it is needed. The OSSI Mobile Product Suite is a feature-rich, Windows-based toolset for field officers, supervisors, and telecommunicators that integrates flexible Mobile Computing Technology, Mobile Field Reporting, and Message Switch applications into a simple, easy-to-use package. Mobile Computing Technology puts the power of information at responders’ fingertips. Wireless-enabled technology allows mobile users to interact with SunGard Public Sector’s OSSI computer-aided dispatch system, improving efficiency in the field and office as well as increasing officer safety. With Mobile Field Reporting, field officers efficiently generate and submit incident, supplement, field contact, and accident reports in the field. Once completed and approved, these reports are wirelessly submitted to the agency’s records management system, where they become accessible and searchable. Field officers can also submit information related to parking tickets, traffic stop statistics, and canine officer activities.

For more information, call 888-483-4620 or contact SunGard Public Sector, OSSI, 4000 OSSI Court, High Point, NC 27265

Overtime Management System from Coplogic

Coplogic’s Overtime Management System creates a fair and paperless method to manage, post, and fill overtime opportunities. The Web-based system allows designated personnel to create overtime opportunities, search for available personnel based on user preferences, and even assign personnel to certain shifts. Officers are able to be informed of overtime opportunities and have the ability to sign up for posted events without having to visit the station. Agency personnel can also customize when they want to be informed by e-mail of certain overtime opportunities, based on individual user preferences. The system supports different types of users so that administrative personnel can effectively manage their agency’s overtime while officers can conveniently search and sign up for shifts. Administrative users can even limit how many shifts officers can sign up for within certain time frames or based on the amount of overtime accumulated by individual personnel.

For more information, call 800-734-9293, e-mail, or visit

SN-Sphere from Applied Inferences

SN-Sphere is a software solution for information sharing and intelligence analysis as well as a teamwork investigators’ desktop for state, regional, county, and municipal law enforcement and justice agencies.

The system can identify people from disparate records management systems and other existing data sources, collate relevant information in seconds, and expose hidden relationships critical to answering the following questions, among others: Where might a suspect be located? Is a suspect in one crime involved in other unsolved crimes? Who are possible accomplices or sources of information? Are two people directly or indirectly related, even by many degrees of separation?

SN-Sphere can store and link any type of information, including gang information and watch lists; can turn dead data into actionable intelligence with powerful free text search of textual documents; create timelines; and much more. The system’s flexible modules can be easily adapted to specific needs and existing data sources.

For more information, contact Sam Roth, Applied Inferences, Inc., at 973-230-2409 or via e-mail at; or visit

TeleStaff from PDSI

TeleStaff optimizes the scheduling, communication, and deployment of employees. The system maintains a centralized roster to manage shifts, assignments, rotating positions, and special duty events; manages time off, leave, and vacation; sends schedule-driven and emergency notifications by telephone, e-mail, or pager; prepares and exports final payroll reports to third-party payroll systems; allocates overtime in an automated environment, ensuring fair and impartial scheduling; automates position and vacation bidding; provides comprehensive reporting for greater visibility into workforce operations; and integrates with third-party computer-aided dispatch, payroll, and records management systems.

For more information, call PDSI at 800-850-7374 or visit

Training Management System from Coplogic

Coplogic’s Training Management System enables agencies to administer and track their recruits’ progress through the entire field training process. Tests, evaluations, and recruit and training officer profiles are all done through the Training Management System, which is designed to eliminate the messy paper trail associated with most field training programs. When changes are made to any of the training procedures, the system archives the previous versions of the evaluations, tests, and checklists that were used to evaluate past recruits, for complete accountability. Field training administrators as well as department staff are able to quickly assign recruits to field training officers and review daily observation reports. Training officers are able to view assigned recruit profiles and submit evaluations. Recruits can access their required documents and view their assigned schedules and training officers.

For more information, call 800-734-9293, e-mail, or visit

VideoFOCUS Pro v3.0 from Salient Stills

Salient Stills’ new VideoFOCUS Pro version 3.0 now captures, edits, and exports audio within video files, providing a critical audio complement to video surveillance. Investigators can quickly inspect and zoom into smaller areas of videos and stills. New filters are available for both still images and video; these include sharpen, equalize, blur, levels, color adjustment, and camera stabilization.

VideoFOCUS Pro v3.0 also provides rich and easy editing tools for movies, including the ability to add titles to videos. Additionally, interactive audit trails are available for both videos and still images.

VideoFOCUS Pro v3.0 is a video import, screen capture, analog capture, and conversion system for the law enforcement community. It digitizes analog and digital video from open and proprietary systems for use by other investigators and agents, while preserving video integrity.

For more information, visit

VisiCAD Command from TriTech

TriTech Software Systems provides public safety products and services that address nearly every facet of public safety command and control, deployment, logistics, and decision support. On one integrated platform, TriTech’s computer-aided dispatch (CAD), mobile data, and law enforcement records management solutions provide the highest degree of interoperable data sharing between personnel—whether at headquarters, in a vehicle, or at a remote location.

Developed on proven technology, TriTech’s CAD system, VisiCAD Command, is a flexible, scalable, and reliable solution. As a true multiagency, multijurisdictional system, VisiCAD is easily customizable to meet specific agency needs yet allows users to implement their own business rules without compromising the individual requirements of each agency.

Many leading law enforcement agencies, such as the Austin Police Department/ Travis County Sheriff’s Office (Texas); Minneapolis, Minnesota, Police Department; Denver, Colorado, Police Department; and Dallas, Texas, Police Department utilize VisiCAD Command to save lives and protect millions of people.

For more information, visit

Visual Staff Scheduler Pro (VSS Pro) from Atlas Business Solutions

The new version of Visual Staff Scheduler Pro (VSS Pro) software is now available. With version 10, users can schedule personnel more easily and more efficiently than ever before. They can now rotate schedules and apply schedule patterns in seconds for weeks, months, or even years in advance. They can see more coverage totals to ensure that shifts, departments, locations, or positions are properly staffed. Printing and e-mailing monthly calendars, shift schedules, daily rosters, and any other type of schedule or report are now even more flexible, and the process of posting schedules as PDFs and Web pages can be done in one simple step. VSS Pro 10 is designed to be the fastest, most affordable, and easiest way to create work schedules.

For more information, contact Joanna Wyganowska, Product Manager, at 701-235-5226, extension 117, or via e-mail at; or visit

X-FIRE from Agnovi

Agnovi Corporation offers its flagship product, X-FIRE (pronounced “crossfire”) a solution for effective investigation management and support. REX is Agnovi’s intelligence solution for tracking entities and visualizing relationships. Each product has an embedded relational database that supports the storage of structured information, advanced searching, and instant collaboration. Additional benefits include scalability, ease of use, attachment support, report generation, visual analytics, security, and more.

For more information, call Agnovi at 866-641-5993, e-mail, or visit



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