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Product Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product
announcements. For free in-depth information, visit us at, or circle
the appropriate Reader Service Numbers on the Reader Response Card (adjacent to the index of advertisers in
this issue), and fax or mail the postage-paid card today. Items about new or improved products are based on
news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Glass-breaking tool

Bust A Cap, Inc., announces a new device that attaches to a flashlight or baton, giving the user a tactical advantage to break glass. Bust A Cap is a rapid entry tool that provides a tactical and safe entry or exit out of an automobile, house, boat, or airplane. The existing cap on a flashlight or baton can be replaced with a Bust A Cap device. This new cap is manufactured in the United States, is made from special steel, applies in less than a minute, requires no training, and will break glass with one tap.
For more information, circle no. 120 on the Reader Service Card, or enter the number at

Gun Sight
Trijicon, Inc., introduces the RX30 Reflex, a new nonmagnified, self-luminous sight engineered to provide increased field-of-view capabilities that provide fast target acquisition for the military, law enforcement personnel, and hunting enthusiasts. The larger objective of the RX30 Reflex allows the user to move the firearm freely and remain on target at multiple shooting angles when surveying an area. With no batteries, this dual-illuminated sight features both fluorescent fiber optics and a tritium lamp for a clearly defined aiming point in any light condition.
For more information, circle no. 121 on the Reader Service Card, or enter the number at

Dispatch system

Moducom introduces its newest product, the Micro-CAM, a low-cost way to add additional operator positions using very little desk space. The Micro-CAM enables a PC that is running dispatch console software and is connected to the Moducom network to operate as a full operator position, including a touch screen monitor, headsets/handsets, a microphone, and a footswitch. The Micro-CAM works in conjunction with Moducom’s UltraCom, an enhanced
9-1-1/radio dispatch console system with no software maintenance fees and free software upgrades, a feature designed to save users money over the life of the system.
For more information, circle no. 122 on the Reader Service Card, or enter the number at

Forensic extraction device

Cellebrite USA Corporation announces the Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED). The UFED is a portable, stand-alone solution for the extraction of critical data such as phonebook, pictures, videos, text messages, call logs, and ESN and IMEI information from more than 1,200 models of handsets sold worldwide. The UFED system is designed to support 95 percent of all cellular phones in the market today, including smart phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs). The UFED is engineered to be compatible with all wireless service providers in the United States and to support all known device interfaces.
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Recognition awards

Classic Lines of Recognition is a long-standing custom manufacturer of recognition awards, such as department, service, and dedication plaques. Along with this, it also specializes in designing recognition wall displays of any size. The distinctive etching technology is designed to give a highly detailed, three-dimensional appearance.
For more information, circle no. 124 on the Reader Service Card, or enter the number at

ID CardPrinter

Team Nisca’s new single-sided ID card printer PR-C101 is designed to combine high-quality and durability standards with low maintenance. Offering a rotating LCD panel and optional front or back exit boxes, the PR-C101 can be placed in any orientation to fit the office environment. Packaged with the badging application software, this simple and affordable out-of-the-box printer can be useful for any small organization, including police, libraries, schools, and clubs.
For more information, circle no. 125 on the Reader Service Card, or enter the number at

Jewelry for law enforcement

Baida Jewelry is a manufacturer of fine jewelry, handcrafted and designed diamond engagement rings, bridal sets, gentlemen’s wedding bands, bracelets, earrings, pendants, watches, pearls, and gifts. Baida Jewelry is also an importer of fine gems and diamond stones.
For more information, circle no. 126 on the Reader Service Card, or enter the number at

Decontamination kit

DQE’s Decon-in-a-Bag enables responders happening on a simple contamination incident to protect themselves, engage the decontamination process, and quickly transport victims or begin decontamination while waiting for hazmat specialists to arrive. Each kit contains splash-protective clothing for responders; Don-it personal privacy kits to dry and clothe victims after decontamination; contaminated clothing disposal bags; a Decon Wand; a compact water supply hose to connect to a water supply; a Decon scrub brush and liquid soap; and laminated decontamination guidelines for easy reference throughout the procedure.
For more information, circle no. 127 on the Reader Service Card, or enter the number at

Call recorder

Commercial Electronics Corporation has launched a campaign to help the public safety community integrate Vidicode call recorders into operations and quality control management. With Vidicode recorders, law enforcement agencies can record calls, a procedure vital to 9-1-1 call centers, across the board for a lower price than that of other current call recording systems. State and municipal agencies needing voice documentation can obtain a call recording system for single-line or multiline recording.
For more information, circle no. 128 on the Reader Service Card, or enter the number at

Rifle scope

Leupold is proud to assist the efforts of the Quality Deer Management Association. The new QDManager riflescopes are optical tools for cleanly harvesting deer, even in the extremely low light of dawn or dusk. The Light Optimization Profile is engineered to provide large objective lens performance and a large exit pupil, combined with a comfortable cheek weld for more comfortable shooting. QDManager scopes also feature an enhanced illuminated duplex reticle, so users can place shots with extreme precision.
For more information, circle no. 129 on the Reader Service Card, or enter the number at

Graffiti detection sensor

Broadband Discovery Systems, Inc., has developed a graffiti detection sensor, dubbed Project Merlin, that works in real time. Unlike current motion-sensing methods, Merlin monitors for aerosol can emissions through a novel and proprietary method. When the sensor identifies a graffiti event in progress, an alert is immediately sent to a dispatch desk, an officer on duty, or even to a cellular telephone. The sensors are unobtrusively small, allowing them to be mounted on virtually any surface while remaining covert in every environment. They are designed to be both cost-effective and highly dependable.
For more information, circle no. 130 on the Reader Service Card, or enter the number at

Interoperability solution

Sprint and Motorola, Inc., announce the availability of a local, regional, and national network interoperability solution. Now, a Nextel Direct Connect user can talk directly to a first responder who uses a Project 25 land mobile radio, creating a new level of interoperability by allowing the two types of push-to-talk services to communicate with each other. To enable this interoperability, Motorola has developed a gateway—the MOTOBRIDGE IP Interoperable solution—that facilitates the integration of disparate networks (different bands, system types, or vendors) to provide enhanced communications among users for day-to-day or emergency applications.
For more information, circle no. 131 on the Reader Service Card, or enter the number at

Training guide

Support Law Enforcement’s training guide Strengthening Law Enforcement Communities provides practical guidance for agencies to develop a support structure for their communities. Agencies should help cultivate support structures for law enforcement officers (their organization’s primary asset) and their families. The industry provides many challenges not unlike those experienced in a military profession. The goal of this training program is to help agencies positively affect the entire law enforcement community. Sections of the training focus on understanding the culture, getting to know the agency, benefits and financial affairs, personal and relationship support, and support structure cycle.
For more information, circle no. 132 on the Reader Service Card, or enter the number at

Speed awareness technology

Precision Solar Controls (PSC) offers a police mini message board. The police mini message board can be programmed to notify motorists of traffic conditions and has a flashing display function for increased message impact. An optional built-in radar head is available to display motorists’ speed. PSC’s speed awareness products are powered by a battery bank that is continually recharged by a solar panel. Depending on the product, the battery bank is sized to provide 18 to 24 days of continuous operation without sunlight.
For more information, circle no. 133 on the Reader Service Card, or enter the number at

Night vision technology

Law enforcement officers must have the ability to operate around the clock to respond effectively to any call. ITT Night Vision’s Night Enforcer PVS-14 unit now features Pinnacle tubes exclusively. The Pinnacle technology, developed by ITT, is designed to provide higher performance without compromising reliability and longevity. The resolution of the image is improved by a factor of three in urban areas, as ambient light does not interfere with the image. The Night Enforcer can be handheld or mounted to a helmet, weapon, or camera.
For more information, circle no. 134 on the Reader Service Card, or enter the number at

Portable radio

Tait Radio Communications has introduced a new series of IP67-rated trunked and conventional portable radio solutions with the TP8100 series. The TP8100 series is currently available in both five-watt VHF and four-watt UHF versions with several complimentary professional-grade accessories. The conventional TP8120 and trunked TP8140 are full 16-key radios, while the conventional TP8115 and trunked TP8135 radios come with limited keypads. These four products come with a 24-character LCD display screen, user-friendly Windows programming software, and a 2,000-mAh lithium ion battery.
For more information, circle no. 135 on the Reader Service Card, or enter the number at

Germicidal spray

Union Springs Pharmaceuticals, LLC, announces MyClyns, its new product for use after a potential pathogenic exposure. MyClyns contains a fast-acting solution designed to provide germ-killing action that is safe to use on all mucous membranes, including eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, as well as open wounds. The convenient penlike design of MyClyns allows first responders to protect themselves immediately after exposure to harmful pathogens, even while still caring for those in emergency situations.
For more information, circle no. 136 on the Reader Service Card, or enter the number at

Barricade tapes

Banner Guard barricade tapes are manufactured specifically for law enforcement personnel to mark off dangerous zones and control access to hazardous areas. Banner Guard is a highly visible, nonadhesive polyethylene warning tape system printed with a continuous message in bold black letters, such as “POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS” and numerous other popular stock imprints. Custom imprints are also available and can be printed in up to four colors. Stock rolls measure 3 inches by 1,000 feet (3 inches by 300 feet for Super Strength II rolls). ■   
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