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Product Update

Ballistic sunglasses

Revision Eyewear announces the Hellfly Ballistic Sunglass, designed to protect the wearer’s eyes from dangerous fragments as well as day-to-day environmental elements. The lenses feature a variety of silicate and titanium dioxide coatings engineered to suit any operation under any light condition and provide ultrasharp visual contrast. The hard-coated lenses are made of optical polycarbonate to ensure visual clarity with 100 percent ultraviolet (UV) protection and to offer resistance to scratches. The Hellfly has an adjustable nose piece and ultrathin arms that fit under helmets or hats without causing pressure points.

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Mobile communications software

Spillman’s high-performance Mobile Communications solutions enable agencies to manage information safely and effectively from a mobile vehicle. Through powerful integration, users can receive voiceless dispatch; instantly access critical records; communicate in real time with agency personnel; and search national, state, and local databases. Robust system features allow users to determine the quickest route to a call. They can also receive automatic alerts on wanted or missing persons and dangerous sites. Spillman’s mobile solutions promote critical information sharing between supervisors, administrators, dispatchers, and other agency personnel and are designed to meet the needs of field officers in mission-critical situations.

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Handheld ticket writer

The Casio IT-3000, a current handheld offering from Complus Data Innovations, Inc. (CDI), is a lightweight unit equipped with an integrated high-speed printer and software that connects instantly to CDI’s proprietary FastTrack system. CDI’s system is designed to allow the parking agent in the field to enter the violation information, print a ticket on the spot, and later perform a simple upload of the shift’s data to the FastTrack system housed on new PCs in the municipal office—equipment that is also provided as part of the CDI package.

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Z-Medica Corporation introduces QuikClot Combat Gauze, tailored to the needs of combat and tactical medical personnel. The new Combat Gauze combines surgical gauze with a proprietary inorganic material that stops arterial and venous bleeding in seconds—even more rapidly in this format than earlier Z-Medica products. This product is designed not to generate heat and to be both inert and nonallergenic. The material can be fitted to any size or shape wound—including penetrating wounds. It is designed to be easily removed once clotting has taken place.

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Protective footwear fabric

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., announces its new line of Crosstech Footwear Fabrics. These fabrics are engineered to protect law enforcement professionals against blood, body fluids, and common chemicals while allowing moisture vapor (sweat) to escape from the boot, helping to increase the wearer’s comfort. The proprietary expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane incorporated in the Crosstech fabric is engineered to be thermally stable at more than 500 degrees Fahrenheit and is inherently chemically inert, which allows footwear containing this fabric to be worn in even the harshest environments.

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Substance identification system

GE Security launches a new substance identification system, StreetLab Mobile, engineered to be capable of detecting unknown chemical and biological agents in the field. StreetLab Mobile is a point-andshoot handheld identity system that uses extended-range wireless technology to allow first responders to deliver accurate results quickly to tactical commanders at remote command centers. This system is designed to give first responders information they can use to assess, react, and respond to an emergency in a matter of seconds.

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Digital evidence review platform

Guidance Software, Inc., announces the release of EnCase Lab Edition. This collaborative digital evidence review platform for EnCase Forensic is designed to speed up the analysis of mission-critical digital evidence by enabling district attorneys, federal prosecutors, agents in charge, inspectors general, and other key stakeholders to review, communicate, and act on digital evidence via a simple Web interface and without any forensic expertise. It is designed to improve communication among all personnel involved in digital evidence analysis, improve review cycle times, and make investigations more productive.

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Patient tracking center

308 Systems’ TRA-KIT is a multiuser portable patient tracking center, lightweight, battery powered, and portable; it is designed to provide disaster medical assistance teams, health departments, hospitals, and emergency medical services (EMS) with the ability to efficiently input and track patient condition and location information. Combined with the organization’s patient tracking software, it expedites movement of patients during stressful situations. First responders can use TRA-KIT to initiate patient registration and medical condition documentation quickly by scanning an existing patient ID or creating a bar code label on the scene.

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Mobile printer

Zebra Technologies announces that its Zebra RW 420 mobile printers are being used to print electronically stored traffic citation information. Bluetooth technology allows the printer to receive information from a personal digital assistant (PDA), including the appropriate statute number, fine amount, and court information. The ticket is then printed out, clearly and legibly, to reduce the number of citations dismissed due to illegible handwriting or data errors. Officers can then dock their PDAs to upload the e-citation data into a centralized computer system, eliminating unnecessary manual data entry.

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Continuous particulate monitor

Met One Instruments introduces the BAM-1020 beta attenuation mass monitor for state, local, and tribal air monitoring agencies currently performing PM-2.5 surveillance using conventional samplers for regulatory enforcement purposes. The BAM-1020 is designed to produce reliable, accurate, continuous, hourly results in real time. Elevated PM-2.5 events can be determined as they happen, which will allow government officials to take timely mitigating action. PM-2.5 averages will be available daily (as opposed to once every three or six days), and network operational costs could be substantially reduced. ■

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