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Product Update

Protective garments

DuPont announces the launch of the DuPont Tychem BR garment.
The garment is designed to be lighter and less cumbersome than a traditional, fully encapsulated suit. It provides increased vapor and liquid protection and is engineered specifically
to be easier and faster to put on. It provides first responders with an increased level of protection when dealing with chemical, biological, or radioactive incidents; is tear, puncture, and abrasion resistant;
and is designed to be used with National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health–approved Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) self-contained breathing apparatus.

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Portable chemical identifier

Smiths Detection announces a new portable
chemical identifier specially designed for diverse field operations requiring quick and easy identification of unknown solids or liquids. The HazMatID Ranger is designed for handheld, backpack, or robot portability and ease of use in protective gear. It is capable of Fourier Transform Infrared analysis. The lightweight system provides responders with spectral results, a list of probable substances to help identify
chemicals, and the actual components in mixtures. Its library allows responders to identify over 32,000 suspicious white powders, WMDs, explosives, and common
and toxic chemicals.

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Window protectors

Adamson Industries Corp. announces the availability of clear Lexan window barriers for law enforcement and public safety vehicles. The barriers are designed to protect rear windows from breaking while providing a friendlier image to the community
at large. They offer high-impact strength, flame retardancy, and thermoformability
and fit in most Dodge and Ford police vehicles. These window protectors are made with 1/4-inch Lexan and come with precut vent slots for air flow. They are easy to clean and prevent rear windows from being kicked out by prisoners.

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Computerized ticketing system

Group Techna announces the EZTag Mobile Enforcement System. With EZTag, police and parking officers no longer need to write tickets by hand; instead, they use handheld ticket writers to record all information pertaining to a particular infraction,
including the make and model of the vehicle, its color and license plate number, the time and location of the offense, and the type of infraction. The new portable computerized system eliminates paperwork and reduces the number of disputed tickets by correcting human errors, which can lead to ticket dismissal if left uncorrected.

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Vehicle tracking software

C:Logic announces Vehicle Impound Storage Tracking Administration (C:VISTA) 2.1, extending dispatching, tracking, and compliance reporting of nonconsent towing. C:VISTA’s patent-pending technology is engineered to streamline dispatching and towing operations and enable information collaboration
among area law enforcement agencies, the towing and storage industry,
and the general public. It extends incident information documentation, shortens call reporting times, and centrally
tracks private-property impounds. It helps law enforcement agencies “connect
the dots” by sharing towing information
across the entire towing lifecycle and provides a self-service portal for citizens to locate a towed vehicle.

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SIM card data retrieval software

BKForensics has developed software to retrieve data from SIM cards. The SIM Analyzer
is designed to acquire such information
as the last number dialed, abbreviated dialing numbers, active and deleted text messages, and other evidence from cellular telephones. The software creates a readable report so that the information can be reanalyzed
even after the physical card is no longer
available. It can create a clone SIM card that blocks “kill” codes sent by providers to delete information and prevents call detail logs from being deleted.

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Sex offender monitoring

LexisNexis Risk & Information Analytics
Group enables law enforcement agencies to monitor sex offenders proactively
across jurisdictions, helping officials enforce the Adam Walsh Child Protection
and Safety Act. Sex Offender Alerts provides law enforcement officials with automated notification of the location of sex offenders, especially as they move from one law enforcement jurisdiction to another. It notifies law enforcement agencies
when a sex offender moves into their jurisdictions and identifies and locates registered sex offenders and noncompliant sex offenders that fail to register their most current addresses.

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Wireless mobile workspaces

Partnering with Fulton Innovation, the creators of eCoupled technology, Leggett and Platt Commercial Vehicle Products will power the mobile workspace—
wirelessly. This new technology eliminates the need for power cords, adapters, and battery chargers by transforming
ordinary work and storage surfaces into wireless charging stations. Leggett and Platt will use this technology
in its vehicle interior shelving systems, rugged-docking stations, and vehicle mounts. The mobile workspace features computer docking stations that serve as wireless power sources. The center console of a vehicle doubles
as a storage reservoir and wireless charging station.

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Bicycle storage device

Scratches, dents, and chips to the paint often befall bicyclists who store their bicycles using conventional storage
devices. For this reason, Gladiator GarageWorks introduces its Gladiator Claw Advanced Bike Storage device. Mounting to the ceiling, the device grasps a bicycle’s rear tire by opposing
hooks when the central plunger is depressed. By repressing or bumping
the plunger, the device opens and unlocks for easy bicycle wheel removal without having to lift the bicycle over one’s head, as one would with a standard
bike hook.

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Personal searchlight

AE Light announces its line of Xenide personal searchlights. Using patent-pending technology, Xenides incorporate the same high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting as is found in a Mercedes-Benz or BMW headlight, delivering 10 times the lumen output of a standard incandescent flashlight. Rechargeable lithium batteries deliver power for more than two hours, depending on the model. Available in three models, Xenides include AC and DC chargers; an LED indicator; a shoulder
strap; lens and end cap protectors; a lens cloth; and a black plastic molded travel case. ?

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