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Where do the good ideas come from?

In this column, we offer our readers the opportunity to learn about - and benefit from - some of the cutting-edge technologies being implemented by law enforcement colleagues around the world.

Florida Sheriff's Office Implements Palmprint Identification Technology
Motorola announces that the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office has implemented a leading-edge palmprint identification system from Motorola. The system, which will include Motorola's Omnitrak AFIS/Palmprint Identification and Livescan electronic fingerprint scanning technologies, is designed to allow county officials to quickly and accurately identify suspects and help them to solve crimes more effectively. The palmprint technology is part of Motorola's extensive portfolio of integrated communications and information solutions to address mission-critical public safety and security requirements worldwide.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, one of the first agencies in North America to implement this leading-edge palmprint technology from Motorola, processes more than 4,000 cases that involve latent prints per year. More than 40 percent of these cases involve palmprints.

"The deployment of this system will increase the number of people that we are able to identify and the number of cases that we are able to solve," said Palm Beach County Sheriff Edward W. Bieluch. "The new technology will streamline our operations and allow us to be more productive. Being more productive means that we are able to protect the public more effectively."

Omnitrak is Motorola's fingerprint and palmprint system. It features continuous automated operation. With the new system, Palm Beach County will be able to capture, store, search, and match palmprints.
With a population of more than 1.2 million and an area of more than 2,380 square miles, Palm Beach County is the largest of Florida's 67 counties.

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Polish Border Guard Creates IP Telephony Network
Cisco Systems announces that the Polish Border Guard is deploying a Cisco-based Internet Protocol (IP) telephony network to improve communications and productivity along Poland's 3,449-kilometer-long state border. The border patrol consists of 12 regional divisions and polices approximately 300 border passes, checkpoints and posts.

The integrated voice, data, and Ethernet network will be one of the largest IP telephony deployments in Europe, with more than 6,500 Cisco IP phones. It is believed to be Poland's largest public-sector outsourcing project.

Cezary Zalewski, general manager of the Polish Border Guard's telecommunication and information technology department, said, "The national incumbent operator, Telekomunikacja Polska SA, invested in building the entire infrastructure for us and is maintaining it. This has allowed the Polish Border Guard to deal with state budget restrictions and migrate from an administration-intensive, low-end legacy analogue telecommunication system to a future-proof IT platform including IP telephony as well as Intranet and Internet access."

Grzegorz Wojtkun, head of the telecommunications section in the Polish Border Guard's telecommunication and IT department, said, "Today there are no reasons to invest in traditional private branch exchange technology. Cisco's IP telephony, with additional services, such as text message broadcasting, will allow us to save on systems administration and training, allowing more headcount to protect the future EU's longest stretch of land boundary."

NextiraOne prepared the Cisco IP telephony platform based on Telekomunikacja Polska SA's multiservice communications network.

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Fort Lauderdale Police Select Designer for Facility
Architects Design Group (ADG) announces that the firm has been chosen for the programming and design of the new Fort Lauderdale Police Facility. The Fort Lauderdale City Commission approved the selection of ADG and their associate, ACAI Associates.

ADG Design
ADG Design
The preliminary plan for the facility comprises 255,000 square feet, making it one of the largest police facilities to have ever been considered for construction in the state of Florida. Valued at approximately $47 million, it will be built around the existing Fort Lauderdale Police Department building, enabling it to remain fully functioning during the estimated 18-month construction period. The new center will incorporate a central energy facility, a detached mailing and delivery center, capabilities for future expansions and additional parking space. It will also include a replacement for the city jail.

"The selection committee was very impressed by ADG's specific commitment to law enforcement facility design," said Assistant Police Chief James Hurley. "We believe that the Fort Lauderdale Police Department building project will be as important for ADG as it is for the citizens of Fort Lauderdale, which sets the tone for a very positive relationship."

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