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Advances & Applications

Where do the good ideas come from? In this column, we offer our readers the opportunity to learn about — and benefit from — some of the cutting-edge technologies being implemented by law enforcement colleagues around the world.

Missouri Agencies Choose New World Systems for a Comprehensive Public Safety Solution

The Jefferson City Police Department and Cole County Sheriff’s Office, Missouri, are looking forward to a new, completely integrated public safety software solution that will help improve operations and increase safety for officers and the community. They have selected New World Systems’ Aegis/MSP Public Safety Solution on the Microsoft platform to replace an aging system and provide a single solution for both the city and the county.

“We were looking to upgrade our technology to a Windows-based system integrated with Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping and wanted a vendor who could supply us with mobile computing for our police and fire in the future,” said Bill Betts, Jefferson City IT director. “New World met more of our current needs than any other vendor, and they are willing to work with us to meet our needs in the future.”

Cole County sheriff Greg White said, “New World’s solution had the greatest depth. They also have a tremendous amount of experience in many areas of public safety. They are a good fit for our needs.”

New World will provide the police department with Aegis Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management, and Fire Records software and will provide the sheriff’s office with Aegis Records Management and Corrections Management software. The completely integrated solutions offer a user-friendly interface that will improve efficiency for communications officers and police officers. New World’s CAD, with embedded GIS mapping capabilities, will help the Joint Telecommunications officers rapidly respond to more than 50,000 calls for service each year.

“New World’s solution will definitely help our productivity,” said Betts. “Replacing the older technology with a Windows solution will save our communications officers a lot of time when entering information in the system during an emergency. Also, complete GIS integration will aid communications officers in locating callers, helping to improve police and fire response times.”

New World’s Corrections Management solution will provide the Cole County Sheriff’s Office with a complete jail management system that will improve booking procedures and offer more information about offenders to improve safety. Both the police department and the sheriff’s office will also benefit from enhanced reporting capabilities with easy access to data and reduced data entry with integration to other applications.

“We are excited to finally reach implementation stage of a critically important project. Our staff was both comprehensive and meticulous throughout the selection process which extended for almost two years,” said Roger Schroeder, Jefferson City chief of police. “New World earned our trust, and we’re pleased to have them as a professional partner.”

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Snellville Police Department Selects SunGard’s OSSI Public Safety Software

SunGard Public Sector announces that the Snellville, Georgia, Police Department has selected its OSSI Public Safety Suite, including Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD); Records Management System (RMS); Mobile Computing Technology (MCT); Mobile Field Reporting (MFR); Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL); Police-to-Police Data Sharing (P2P); and Police-to-Citizen (P2C) software.

“Our department looked at many vendors, and SunGard Public Sector’s OSSI suite had everything we were looking for,” said Roy Whitehead, Snellville chief of police. “We developed a selection committee that included a variety of departments, and OSSI was their unanimous first choice. We can’t wait to go live.”

The implementation of the OSSI Public Safety Suite will help the Snellville Police Department leverage the benefits of an integrated software solution. The solution will allow Snellville police officers to share information in real time, improving response and increasing officer and citizen safety. Investigators can view all related records for open cases; create photo lineups; perform state, National Crime Information Center, and police-to-police queries; and view CAD event history, increasing productivity and accountability.

With the P2C software, Snellville will help citizens gain access to public information, such as a calendar of events and announcements, and allow citizens to submit nonemergency events and print accident reports.

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Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Tackles Suspect Identification with NEC Integra-ID

The Ventura County, California, Sheriff’s Department recently purchased Integra-ID, the next-generation Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), from NEC. The Integra-ID AFIS solution incorporates the latest biometric matching algorithms with a standards-based architecture for greater accuracy, speed, and flexibility.

Until now, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department faced severe limitations with subject identifications. “We had no means to readily identify criminals who refused to provide accurate identification, except for the traditional police methods of checking hard records and using state resources—which are frequently not timely in their returns,” explained Captain Chris Lathrop. “In addition, these resources often provided only anecdotal evidence rather than confirmatory evidence. Criminals have gotten past field officers due to lack of accurate identification.” Additionally, duplicate identification records and incompatible technologies have slowed processing.

The department also hopes to take advantage of Integra-ID’s capability to seamlessly integrate with existing or added systems. “With Integra-ID, we’ll have a tool that’s expandable to include most applications beyond our initial mobile field identification tool. That would include booking applications that will speed up and streamline our booking process, and identification applications such as defendant identification in court and client identification in probation offices,” said Captain Lathrop. “Finally, we expect to speed up some of the processes in our latent identification section, as well.”

Integra-ID will be deployed for the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department in November. ■

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