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Product Update

2008 Exhibitor Update

Tactical light

Pelican Products, Inc., introduces the rechargeable 8060 LED duty/tactical flashlight. The 8060 LED, shining at 190 lumens at peak, is designed to feature four hours of peak burn time (six hours total) thanks to its nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable battery. For increased utility, the 8060 LED can also function with four C alkaline batteries in an emergency situation. With a length of nearly 13 inches and a sturdy weight of 23.2 ounces, the 8060 LED is built to survive in virtually any environment with a chemical/corrosion-resistant, engineering-grade polymer body.

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Body armor

American Body Armor, part of the BAE Systems Products Group, introduces the newest model in the renowned Xtreme Body Armor series: the Xtreme Force. The new Xtreme Force is engineered both to provide more stopping power when compared with its predecessor, the Xtreme XT, and to be more flexible than the Xtreme XT. Constructed from Honeywell’s new Spectra Shield II, which utilizes a Spectra fiber 15 times stronger than steel, and Twaron, one of the most reliable bullet-resistant materials available, the Xtreme Force is the result of hybrid engineering.

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Electronic lock cylinder

The CyberLock system incorporates the mechanical lock hardware that is already present in a police department or other facility; the mechanical cylinders in existing locks just need to be replaced with CyberLock electronic cylinders. This can be accomplished without the expensive cost of hardwiring or structural changes. With the CyberLock system, management controls who is authorized to access sensitive areas. Each individual key can be programmed to open selected locks during certain times on specific days. Both the key and the lock store a record of openings, providing a detailed audit report.

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4.9-GHz access point

EF Johnson Technologies, Inc., introduces a 4.9-GHz access point for public safety. Operating in the licensed spectrum dedicated to police, fire, ambulance, and municipal use, the 4.9-GHz feature is engineered to provide priority traffic for data, video, and voice communications, ensuring that vital information reaches first responders in emergency situations. Applications for the 4.9-GHz access point include fixed and mobile mesh networking connectivity between police, fire, and rescue vehicles and dispatch or command centers during emergencies, major incidents, severe weather events, and special operations.

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Mobile computer

Panasonic Computer Solutions Company announces upgrades to its semirugged desktop replacement Toughbook CF-52 and mobile workhorse Toughbook CF-74. Both models now incorporate the new Intel Centrino 2 processor technology. In addition, video and graphics capabilities have been significantly enhanced, hard drive capacity has been increased to 160 GB, and WiFi performance expanded to include 802.11 Draft N. Both the 15.4-inch widescreen semirugged Toughbook CF-52 and the Toughbook CF-74 with its outdoor viewable 13.3-inch display incorporate a carrying handle and optional embedded access to mobile broadband networks from major wireless carriers.

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Gun sight

Trijicon, Inc., introduces the RX30 Reflex, a new nonmagnified, self-luminous sight engineered to provide increased field-of-view capabilities that enables fast target acquisition for the military and law enforcement communities, as well as hunting enthusiasts. Without relying on batteries, this dual-illuminated sight features both fluorescent fiber optics and a tritium lamp for a clearly defined aiming point in any light condition. The RX30 Reflex is cast of A356-T6 aluminum with hard-coat anodizing. It has also been tested to stand up to, and perform under, the most extreme environmental conditions.

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Information-tracking software module

SunGard Public Sector announces the release of its Intelligence/Narcotics module for the OSSI Public Safety Suite. This module tracks information and observations regarding ongoing drug or conspiracy investigations and provides a separate and private documentation area within the Records Management System until enough evidence is obtained to make an arrest. The Intelligence/Narcotics module consists of two separate submodules. Intelligence Case Management aids supervisors in assigning investigations to detectives and tracking the status of investigations. The Intelligence Investigation Activities module is designed to assist detectives in recording activities and events related to an investigation.

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Ventilated storage boxes

The Raysics Climatrol Storage Device is an evidence-packaging solution that provides 360-degree filter-ventilated airflow with enhanced physical security features. Materials that were normally subject to decay and degradation can now be safely packaged, sealed, and stored within a constant ambient air flow. Once completely packaged, the Climatrol Storage Device allows users to document contents directly on the boxes,ensuring proper handling and security. The inner storage unit is positioned snugly inside the outer unit, with made-to-fit filters providing the ultimate storage “climate.”

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Incident response suit

Blauer Manufacturing Company, Inc., announces the WZ9430 Major Incident Response Team (MIRT) suit. Made with a breathable, lightweight Gore Chempak selectively permeable fabric, the WZ9430 MIRT suit is designed to minimize heat stress while providing protection against specified toxic industrial chemicals and chemical warfare agents. The unmatched breathability of the Gore fabric allows the first responder to remain involved in a mission for longer periods of time without compromising protection. Unlike traditional CBRN suits, the Blauer WZ9430 MIRT suit is ideal for extended tactical operations where speed, comfort, and durability are crucial.

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NAUMD Awards

The 2008–2009 North-American Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors (NAUMD) Best Dressed Law Enforcement Awards, the annual competition recognizing outstanding design in public safety uniforms, will be dramatically updated this year, with a broader range of professional judges and a streamlined judging process. In addition, the program will be renamed the NAUMD Best Dressed Public Safety Awards to recognize all categories of public safety.

To ensure the broadest possible range of submissions, the NAUMD Public Safety Committee has established a broader range of categories for departments, including fire services agencies; specialized agencies (such as federal, transit, hospital, or school, if their roles are those of police departments); and Canadian and Mexican departments.

The committee has also revised the set of criteria designed to recognize excellence in the development and design of the multifaceted programs required by 21st-century police agencies so that all may be judged fairly on an exacting measuring method.

Winners will be honored at the NAUMD Welcome Breakfast, to be held on Saturday, April 25, 2009, at Bally’s Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada. Only NAUMD member companies and their client departments are eligible to participate in the 2008–2009 Best Dressed Public Safety Awards program.

NAUMD members will be invited to submit entries electronically beginning in early November via a new, Web-based judging process. With the revision in process, the new deadline for entries will be February 28, 2009. Up to that date, all competing agencies will be able to upload their materials, photos, and program descriptions to NAUMD’s passwordprotected award Web site.

In early November, NAUMD members will receive complete information packets on the awards program. For further information, readers can contact the association at 212-736-3010 or visit the NAUMD Web site at .

Bullet-resistant material

DuPont announces the availability of DuPont Kevlar XP, a new patented technology that provides ballistic and trauma protection in a more comfortable body armor solution. Kevlar XP has been shown to stop bullets consistently within the first three layers of a vest designed with a total of 11 layers. The remaining layers absorb the energy of the bullet, resulting in less trauma, or backface deformation, to the vest wearer. Kevlar XP will initially be available for body armor, but DuPont is already developing additional ballistic applications.

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Voice stress analyzer

ITVT announces that the International Association of Certified Voice Stress Analysts has approved the use of the Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer (FVSA) as an instrument. This is only the third analyzer that it has approved for use. ITVT also offers this analyzer in a civilian edition (FVSAce) for the mining, insurance, security, hostile environment contracting, and other industries.

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Schedule management software

PDSI announces the release of Auctions, the latest product addition to the TeleStaff Enterprise Solution. PDSI developed Auctions to automate the lengthy and complicated bidding processes required to fill shift assignments and allocate time off, a common practice within public safety organizations. Bid administrators will be able to manage their auctions within an automated and centralized system, where final bid awards will automatically be displayed in TeleStaff. Additionally, employees are empowered to bid directly on an auction item, such as a shift assignment or vacation time, and to see instantly who won.

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DNA testing service Bode Technology, a leader in forensic DNA testing and DNA collection products, announces the launch of the DNA Investigator Service for solving property crimes. Officers can use the new Bode SecurSwab to collect crime scene evidence and submit it to Bode for DNA analysis at a highly reduced price. Bode will screen all evidence for the presence of DNA and will proceed with further analysis if the evidence tests positive for DNA. ■

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